Well, last night me watched Braveheart, one of my all time favorite movies, loosely based on the Scottish conflict with England.

Such a fun to watch movie, it got me to thinking, about how inspiring it is to see someone fight for what they believe in a way of life, also reminds me of Geronimo, how different it seems to fight for your way of life,than what our military does, fighting in foreign countries for our Political machine, whichever may be in charge at the moment.

It is a wonder. fighting for duty, county, blindly? I can not imagine, but a just war to save the world, like the World Wars, so much different.

To think that at that time, we were allies with our current adversaries, China and Russia.

Are the people bad, or is it the governments?

This is not new, Governments have been manipulating people for thousand of years. They have it down to a science, and as in the Scottish wars, it was the “Rich” who controlled with manipulation, just as it is today.

i really have nothing today.. blank.

well, lets change gears, how a people who blast out about the suffering of the irish and how they were slaves, that  is a real thing, we were slaves too, which is true, in reality, most people were slaves and still are, they just have a better trick  to make you slave away  at their discretion under their control. same old song and dance, different drummer, same band

Well let see, the Scandinavians also had some tough assimilating into the American dream, they were called fish eaters, square heads, all people had a transition, yet it is the Alaskan Native and the American Native people, who were never given the golden spoon.

Eye wonder why some people are able to transition into the easy life and flush pay checks, while other are dolled out an allotment. just a  thought.

twizzle twazzle twizzle twazzle, dark thinking, dark times, often I wish there was a War, at least there would be something to fight for, but you cant fight for people with their heads in the sand.

I had mentioned yesterday about Native schools, I did not mean, native culture, that should be an elective, at least the cultural part, the historic assimilation and subjugation should be mandatory, but more important,  A full on schooling programs, to create lawyers, judges, Businesses, political, to create leaders, not sheep. to give them a mental understanding of the “way things work” which includes self awarness, mental health, and just as important, not to eat the white eyes food. they call it white bread for a reason, its poison. fried bread is a prison food, I hate to use the word white in derogatory terms, but it has become the equivalent of NI*#@#, and most white people are being deceived just as much as anyone else, these corporations, Hospitals, Food systems, are all for profit, not for the health of anyone, but why do we see most rich people with heathy body weights and living longer, they know it is poison.  So many obese Americans, this has become our culture, I see video from around the world, and it is an American thing, in a county where they give you are 200 ticket for not wearing a seat belt, they have  no problem that we are a Nation of fat sheep. I can only know that my own fat disgust me, and now I am aware of it. we are programed. I feel no ill will to others who are fat, not pity but empathy, for they are also victims of  greed.  are we proud of our sugar laden fat culture?

sad truth.