I’ll respond to your e-mail in greater detail later but for now I think you should know that you are not hearing factual information.  The only board members that has received any payment thus far for anything is Richard.  He rightly received money for reimbursement of his trip to Alaska to attend the last shareholder meeting.  Apart from this, no board member has received money.  I’ve made it very clear that I do not want any money.


Be careful about the e-mails you send when you are only hearing one side of the story.  I’ll update you more later.





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I see the Clear need for a ELECTED board !!!  Money and Greed has dropped in Ourlaps!! We need people who are ready to move forward and ,Not people seeking monies forthe future of ones own So called Life!!! Nothing has been moving in the right direction towards resolving the Proxyissues.   What’s the Hold up?   There has not even been a Drafted Letter toany shareholders at all.This Board is Crap. Get paid for what?  Secret meetings nobody knows about !!  A lot of family members are hoping for the best outcome but it’s clear theself servers have jumped in to steal the Bounty!!This is not the rainbow and at the end lies a  pot of Gold.The Current Board I E  Ellen Donene are out for them selves the shareholdersall need to notified ,I for one have the time to Draft out a letter and send itto them ,per of course an approval that we need to get an elected board,writingthe current board is a waste of time .A VOICE OF A SHAREHOLDER                        KELLY SIMEONOFF