well got most of the worst part of the tile  and other stone work done in the bathroom, now starting  on the shower plumbing, I have decided to connect directly off the water heater and inlet to the water heater for the hold and cold in the new shower, and that went pretty smooth, except for buying the wrong size shark bite fittings, and had to do a major take back, but that is what is really good about home depot, it would be a nightmare dealing with the plumbing supply houses, the old days, and those shark bites, great invention, but still need to make sure they do not leak. for the new Jetted tub, I just used the old connections, which run from the sinks in the bathroom over, so hopefully still get good pressure, but not worried about shower power, that reminds me, my brother gilbert, was always talking about shower power. and that remidnds me even more, when we were growing up in Southern CAlifornia, one of our favorite Summer hangouts was North Oaks pool, We were all on the Swim team, and we won lots of blue ribbons, lots. even with my double pump Butterfly, Probably could have Won regionals if I did not have that hitch, anyway. we used to swim in that pool everyday all day long, go off the diving boards, back flips 1-1/2, never liked the back flip, but could do it, but also had a few mind glitch failures, you know what im talking about, if you have ever been doing a black flip and your mind glitches, and you flop on your back, fear will do that to you :/  We used to sit under the warm showers until they kicked us out, just basking in the warmth. nothing like a nice shower, and they had good showers, Our new shower has a 12″ x12″ shower head, and I am dropping down from the lid, ceiling for you that are not privy to construction lingo ;

I also am running a new 70 amp sub panel, and do not look forward to that, have to run about 50 ft, from the other side of the house;/

I am really tempted to just jump into an existing circuit, but code and the pump require a dedicated circuit, the wire 200 bones, WOW, lucky it came in rolls, otherwise off the spool they wanted  450, yikes, sticker shock.

maybe I will post pictures, maybe.

feeling lazy, I still feel the hypoid brain fog chasing me, but as long as I dont eat too much, and get sleep, I seem to be ok, and get exercise, I did notice, I was really out of whack after playing baseball on thursday night, yeah a night game, I am blind in the day time, well half blind and then some, but at night wowzers, everything like an alfred hitchcock movie.

But on that front, I did oki doki, my real problem is keeping focused, you know there will always be control freaks, or micro managers, so I am playing right field, I like right field, I played it in the All star game as a kid, we got smoked by some bad ass pitchers, I was one of the only players not on the high  School team.

anyway, throughout much of the game, the centerfielder, 2 different ones do this way that way, ten step here 10 step there 5 steps in. fucking nightmare, everything except catch it for me, you know a little bit is ok, but everyfucking innning, after the first inning, I wanted to go home. what the fuck am I doing out here,  there was only one ball hit out to right, I almost got it, it was about 30 ft away from me, full speed, maybe if I had an outfielder glove :/  I was close but not cigar, we were already wining by 13 runs, I got struck out again :/  BUT the pitcher did a good job, nice pitches, I walked got a double and a single, which should have been an easy out, but it is the 60+ leauge, im only 58 or legally 59 this year, so I can not pitch, and there is no stealing, so i GOT MY RUNNING IN, it was bordering on spiteful? mean, 12 runs ahead, im on third, the first baseman has the ball 6 ft off the bag, and I run home, and score, great slide, head first and reached my hand across the plate, I know the whole EGO thing, but really sometimes, these things that are pleasing me, do just that, and sharing, well I live still. even if it is on the downslide of life, but to tell you the truth, I have never been more accepting and in tune with life.  O that reminds me, My daughter Shavon, text me the night of the game, a video of my 2 grandsons, Abel and Seamus, I had sent them a fun little gun toy, nerf with batteries, they were extatice and thank you Shavon for sending to me, wahoo, I know I should have maybe changed the name to both of them, but everyone who knows those boys, they are peas in a pod. so Wonderful. Seamus even gave a kiss sweet little guy. I was smiling all night, every time I thought about that video, and yes I was sharing with my baseball compadres, although, they seemed to care less than.

my diet has been working pretty good, I am not hungry, but I do look forward to dinner 😉 and snack, which we have between 7 and 8 pm, mine is yogurt teaspoon of raw hone, blueberries and 2 oranges. Tonight we get outback, yes good stuff. love the porterhouse its BoNzer

hmmm, let me post some native politics, while I am doing nothing..well not too much, sweet mary lets me get the weekend off, it is much harder working at home, on your own home, and no pay, that working at someone elses home for pay and leave the mess :/   almost like having to work on  a fishing boat, no escape, but really your just working all the time anyway, but kinda the same. but not really