want to hear some of the madness that emits from my brain? ok you asked for it, my big word for the day is hypocrite. I am a hypocrite through and through, yes it is true as blue is my favorite color, Navy that is, dark Navy like the Navy colors. lets get this pony show started,

I am pro military, but I have always said that fighting wars is for sheep, and often said, I did not join, I just got a job. I do respect the ones that do enter with the intent of making America a Great Nation. just like it minorties and Natives, We the people should take care of our VETS. we have to take care of our weak. our weakest links will be our downfall, if we do not see that

I eat Meat, lots of it, but I do belive we should be seeking non meat alternatives and to save the cow, or least only free range animals, The American food system is a nasty beast, yet, I have no intention of cutting out meat. I would like to be able to try and subsist on traditional Native and Icelandic foods, they much the same, horned puffins, seals, I may need to fast for awhile to pull that off,

I can barley stand to eat salmon, I like once a year at most, I like it smoked, but that gets old quick. I love it dried and could eat that until my last breath. my favorite food is Cow meat. hands down, I know.. hypocrite.

here is one that I TRY TO KEEP TO MYSELF, so much difference and too many choices, but I am a practicing jesus man, I mean, I have decided, that my religion, the one I was born into, whether it was my Russian Orthodox, my Epispcopal, Catholic or Protestant leanings, have decided on John: 3:16 and whatever all the other ones agree on. so that is it in a nutshell, now here is the problem I have, declaring and preaching the Lords Word, should come from people who are clean, good people, I know I am good, but not really really good, I mean once we are Jaded, you can not just say aba cadabra “pooof” you are now as clean as a grape. NO that would be hypocritical, and I still have my moments, not ten commandment bad, but bad enough, that I do not want anybody, judging any religious hypocrisy on me, no not me, they have enough, mine is more, fear of god and accepting and asking for his guidance, like being a cop, now if I was a cop, I would say, that to break the law, would not only be hypocritical, but wrong on many more levels than say, if Eye broke the law. I do believe community leaders should be above reproach, yet corruption flourished on so many levels, not because it is normal, but it is being pushed as the norm. Society needs to create an Army of Good cops, This is not just a few rouge cops, this is culture, They have come very little since the corruption in New York city, the good oleoy network is alive and well. Those strong words, for someone that has never been the target of local cops, or profiling, I live in white privilege, as a Native, and the desert, has no white privilege’s, at least not this one. No we play it straight up, dog eat dog here.