Post cancer has been a roller coaster ride, the biggest issue is the unknown. The whole medical system  is very money driven, I can get tested a million ways, but if they are not clear with the results it is wasted money, and money is at a premium these days. The medical community does not have any real kind of database that you can check the results of a particular treatment. they sometimes will tell you that this is 75%  effective, but most places do not do that. Even after getting a pet scan in my original diagnoses, they would not say one way or another that I had cancer, I knew, they knew, but it was a dark hole. I still have symptoms that pop up, and still have no idea what ails me. I am on no medicine, I really really hate taking pills, well, that is not true sometimes I use the workout powder, and I am taking supplements during my fast. I started a fast 3 days ago after another bought with symptoms, this time it seemed worse, but who knows. The last time I went to the doctor and was in the emergency room for 3 hours, and they had nothing to tell me. I had a follow up appointment at the phoenix Indian hospital, but they called and cancelled my appointment without reason. I go to the Mayo still but that cost bookoo bucks every time, even with good insurance. When a person goes to the hospital, they go in without a clue. most of my problems are probably related to my surgery and working still. I get neck spasms after doing overhead work of any kind. One thing that bothers me is the pulsating in my spine brain connection, ok right, how do i know this, I dont, but that is the area that it feels like, my head feels like it is a jack in box head. I worry about getting cancer again, but I know it is up to me to eat right and exercise. At time I feel strong as an Ox, well most of the time. I thing it is all in my head 🙂 I feel best when working, it is when I dont move around as much that I start to feel sickly. recently it was in my chest area, which I assumer is my heart, with the light headed and brain pulsating,  but everytime they check my heart, im ok, but they never tell my, “your fine mr smirinoff, you just need to do this and that, for a long life, do any doctors do that?