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December 2020

My culture your Culture where did it go

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I have been quite impressed with the younger generation of Alaskan Natives, I have even been subscribing to sites and they  all seem to be getting back Our culture, or at least what is left of it. Impressive. I had never seen this in my day, the big focus was money and  work, GET TO WORK, not hunting and fishing, The Image I share is my great grandmother and great great grandfather from Nome Alaska. you can see what his profession was, hunting and fishing. I just have to say here, when I was living in Uganik, it was the most peace I have had in my life, It was my fortress of solitude, It was a span of over 4 years, in which I planning on [...]

October 2020

My Village

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I have a village, I hometown, Kodiak Alaska, yes it is my true home, nowhere on earth do I feel more at home, than on this island, well, except when I am with sweet Mary. I was born in the griffith building downtown Kodiak, I do not have any memory of the 1964 earthquake tidal wave or anything from that time, perhaps, I remember great granny, but that was after, I think. I do not remember when I was 2, I stuck my knuckles on a hot stove, still have the scars, but do not remember. I do not remember being in a chicken coop on the side of the house, but i have seen pictures of me. my first remembrance of my life was about 4 [...]

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My Native life

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ok, I have come to a few conclust\ion about my life, the most important, stay alive, be alive, be in the moment, it may be hard when your mixing bags of concrete, but it is possible, I find that not being in a hurry to get things done, makes them more enjoyable, but lets be truthful, hard to enjoy, when your covered in portland :) That I am an Indigenous American, not by culture, but decree, I have a blood quantum, a BIA number, but on the other hand, I belong to no tribe. I belong to 2 Native entities. Koniag and Uganik Natives, neither on of them is a federally recognized tribe, somewhere down the line, as the corporations were diluted out of any value, other [...]

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June 2020

White Privilege or Native Entitlement

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Once upon a time, there was a boy from a small Alaskan Town of Kodiak, in Sept 17, 1962, A small fishing village, or The largest fishing port in Alaska? The Good Friday Earthquake, shook up lots of folks in those days, Our family moved to Southern California soon after the quake, to Hawthorne California, then out the Canyon Country CA, I really do not know how we were able to move, or why, but I think it was the best thing to ever happen to our clan. We were blessed in being able to see Alaska and its people from a different perspective. We did not grow up with shame or racial hate, To be honest, nobody in Canyon Country ever said or did anything derogatory [...]

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Voices from the past

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These are some recordings from my great Grandmother and my grandmother, they give a clue how life was back then and reveal about the land, family, jobs and the history of woody island.

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