January 2021

I am pissed, well truly disappointed in healthcare in America

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Ok, so I have been having these health issues for quite sometime.  I have been to the Emergency room 4 times  with heart problem, well they did not find anything, but my  chest had been feeling very uneasy, with dizzy spells and just lethargic at time. I drink coffee by the gallon. they have said on several occasions, I have a slow heart beat, I just have not felt right, but the soldier that I am keep powering through, I mean I can work and hike all day no problem, but when I am at rest, is when it gets bad, so I had been thinking all in my head,  but even when working, i had neck spasms, that were debilitating, one time up on a beam, [...]

Help me Dktor im dyin, just a sec let me see what the manual says :/

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Symptoms, shmimtoms, who needs them, your  TSH levels high, but your T4 is ok, so all your Hypothyroidism is all in your head, or your heart, or your dry flaky skin, or your nails, that are brittle, or perhaps in your hair that refuses to grow, much..... yeah that is the consensus That is not the worst part, it gets better, or for worse, :) anyway, this all started a year ago, well about 15 months ago, diagnosed by some testing place, I had hypothyroidism, then again in the Emergency room, after my heart was feeling real freaky, but then they have some Indian stooge call me and say, no you dont have it, your fine. I go on  my merry way until this year, about 3 [...]

December 2020

Medical Minutiae, wading through the swamp

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Well my latest battle wages on. I have some appointments with the Mayo, find out what is going on. I suspect that it is my thyroid failing from the radiation, as it is one of the things to look out for and can effect multiple systems. Last year answer and ad on facebook after going through a sickly patch, and they diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism, so I started working on my diet, to see If I could treat it, My internet docktor (me) did all the research, finding helpful foods and foods to avoid. but the old ticker, kept bugging me, well in my chest area, already dealing with gerd, damn cheese, love the stuff, but the days of eating big hunks of it are over. [...]

food? Medicine? Drugs? or all?

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that is a good question, in my uneducated opinion it is all 3, I have battled weight issues since the early 90's, having no clue about what foods to eat, well in those days, it was anything and everything, not too many things this chap, would not stuff down his gullet. my drug use throughout my life time was mostly limited to alcohol, except for the  occasional pot, coke, lsd about 5 times, angel dust about 10 times, and some mushrooms, I can honestly say that I had never been hooked on any of them, except the booze, loved the booze, it was medicine. that is how I felt normal, and that was rare, I never really felt normal, until I did the 12 steps and [...]

7 day fast, brutal but GOOD

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yesterday, was the end of a 7 day fast, I was feeling sickly again, I had been consuming too many calories, I was really feeling bad, last time, I went to the ER, but they did not find anything major. This time, as with last I started fasting, but this time was a little scarier, as I did go into the hospital. I have been using fasting as cutting weight since about 1998, which was my first time after reading the Atkins book, There I learned about Keto and Ketosis, which is the best way to cut weight for healthy people, but I was not feeling healthy. Everytime I have done this fasting I have improved my methods as Information on the internet has improved. The [...]

Current post Cancer report 7 years

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I found out that I had cancer after going to a local Primary care provider, it began an adventure I will never forget I was working on the computer one day and noticed a small lump on my neck, it was not sticking out really, but it did not belong, or at least, I knew it was new, it felt like rubber and was the size of on egg. So I went  down to get it examined, they did an localized scan or ultrasound, I left and did not hear back from them, after 2 weeks I decided to see what it was, I was sure it was just cyst, or some other benign malady, like a wart or pimple I made an appointment and went [...]

Post Cancer today

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Post cancer has been a roller coaster ride, the biggest issue is the unknown. The whole medical system  is very money driven, I can get tested a million ways, but if they are not clear with the results it is wasted money, and money is at a premium these days. The medical community does not have any real kind of database that you can check the results of a particular treatment. they sometimes will tell you that this is 75%  effective, but most places do not do that. Even after getting a pet scan in my original diagnoses, they would not say one way or another that I had cancer, I knew, they knew, but it was a dark hole. I still have symptoms that pop up, [...]

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