January 2021

bombarded with bullshit 24/7 when does it all end?

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Well, I for one am sick of all the political bs, yes even my own, but I feel a need to whine, or for some wine. I do believe it is an eye  for an eye now, the whole fraud at election, stole the election propaganda, but on the other hand, all is fair in love and WAR. I am more concerned at how biased our Media, and deceitful it has become. We subscribe to the Local rag, yet, there is little fairness, half the paper is filled with columnist that are on the democratic sticker side, these are ok, in the editorial, but they are filled through the  paper in the way of legitimate NEWS. biased news is not Legitimate. it I did not love [...]

November 2020

my fathers son

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Some people, no matter what you do in life, will always find ways to attack your character. I have been attacked my whole life for being my fathers son. your father did this, your father did that. where do we get this? What does the sins of the father mean? most of the stuff i hear, is not worth salt, but where do people get off attacking people for whom their parent are? When someone does this, it is more an affirmation of their own lock of integrity, than mine, are you serious, your judging me on who my father is? now let me say, I have been guilty of this, our of anger, as it is not a reasonable thing to do. some say I'm just [...]

June 2020

what is with Alt Right and Anti fascism?

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Ok, my ignorance knows no boundaries! I have been looking into all this Alt right and Antifa stuff, I felt like I was in the dark, and I was and still am to a point. I am getting more convinced of a conspiracy in wake of the covid epidemic, but that is another story, perhaps later, but on the hunt for the next bill paying project. my better half would rather me sell off my prized drz, ouch, maybe, but that would be a band-aid, back to the story at hand. Remember, I am but one of the many ignorant sheep that abound. I try to be an educated sheep, and often, it leads me to being in contact with some... rather not so nice peeps. The [...]

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Happy or Gay what rights you have?

2020-06-16T17:05:52-07:00Categories: Current Events|

so they just had a vote for gay rights, I have some opinions, remember, opinions like assholes, everyone has them, well me too. I do believe all people should be protected, I think it more boils down to job performance, than what you do in your life. I mean really, why does anyone care, who sleeps with whom? I really, really do not want to know. nada zilch, nothing, O and you want to tell me what? really keep it to yourself, you dont see me running around, yelling, "I sleep with my wife" kind of creepy, at least in some places. I mean it is a good thing that i can say that, as probably some poor sap out there married to a nun, get nun [...]

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The world keeps on turning

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Turning and burning. We are under a curfew, that is not really a problem for me, I am in bed and asleep most nights by 9. Well been a tough couple days, our AC went out, low on Freon, and the fan quit working, AC guy a baseball Player Rick, has done a few projects for me, took a couple of days, but were cool now, after a few fans, truck was fixed, not, seems I am not building pressure on my AC, what is with the heat, I still love it, better than cold humans. redoing the pool, its hot out. I work until me ticker tells me to take a break, that and a few aspirins and I am back at it. I transplanted some [...]

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