November 2020

a Day of drinking at CAstaic lake

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me and mike decided to hit the lake and got some coolers and filled them with beer and wine coolers, it was hot out. and summer was just getting going, I think, this was after the space shuttle exploded with that teacher inside, that is all I remember, I was digging a trench in Valencia when It exploded, it was a sad time we head up Castaic and started drinking and working on our tans, it was one of those days when you drink so much, that you drink yourself sober, well not quite sober, but not 100% inebriated, we decided to check out Newhall, which is a sister city of canyon country, Saugus and Valencia. Newhall is the oldest known city in the area, now it [...]

Sunny Southern

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working in sunny California was a breath of fresh air, since living and working in Alaska for so many years, it had been about 7 years since I had lived there, we moved to Washington State when I was 17 years old. I could dig ditches, demo houses or do whatever work that was put before me, I had been used to working on boats, and at the end to the day, your still on the boat, I do love boats and working on them, but it is something that can be hard, The problems I have had with jobs over the years was lack of a challenge, or jobs not clearly defined, or stagnant, and ended up quitting my Construction job at Bergeson Construction. at that [...]

July 2020

Dry drunk in a daze

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Today, I am grateful for the life that i have, and being still ALIVE. So I thought I would share some of my path to sobriety. Sometimes people have to make tough choices on their loved ones, like the show that does an intervention, it actually is called intervention, in my family, that was not going to happen, We were all cursed :/ with a fondness for the bottle, well at least me and my brothers. My intervention was the curb. smart move sweet Mary. it was not instant, it took awhile to realize what I was missing. My whole life I dreamed of having kids and a family. that was it, not to be an astronaut, carpenter, rich, or anything else. That was my dream and [...]

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May 2020

how we grow, at least ME

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I have come a long way from the wild drinking days, I often wonder what was powering my through those years. I mean, I really had no conception of the stages that we go through, when I was a youngster, I remember planning on having children when I was about 25, my mom had my brother when she was 16 and me when she was 20, Gilbert at 21, Kelly at 22, and seestor at 26, Sister seems to be the most acclimated to American life. Can you Imagine growing up in Seldovia Alaska, even today it has under 300 people, moving to California with 5 kids? I can not imagine, me with 5 kids at 25, maybe 35. nobody to help, dad off drinking up all [...]

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