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Red flag at night sailor delight

2022-11-20T06:07:52-07:00Categories: crim, drinking daze, my bullshit, my drinking daze, Richard life pages|

Red flags red sky, words are powerful tools in our lives, 2 days on my new project, as an employee of the Salt river Pima Community. I can not say enough about the acceptance of the tribal members, and [...]

I am pissed, well truly disappointed in healthcare in America

2021-01-29T10:20:20-07:00Categories: Cancer daze, diet, my bullshit, Richard life pages|

Ok, so I have been having these health issues for quite sometime.  I have been to the Emergency room 4 times  with heart problem, well they did not find anything, but my  chest had been feeling very uneasy, with [...]

Help me Dktor im dyin, just a sec let me see what the manual says :/

2021-01-07T05:46:23-07:00Categories: Cancer daze, my bullshit, Richard, Richard life pages|

Symptoms, shmimtoms, who needs them, your  TSH levels high, but your T4 is ok, so all your Hypothyroidism is all in your head, or your heart, or your dry flaky skin, or your nails, that are brittle, or perhaps [...]

what we have here is a failure to communicate

2020-12-20T12:50:12-07:00Categories: Richard, Richard life pages|

it has been almost a year since my big discovery, which is another family, complete with grandchildren, it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for ME. what the future holds, I have no idea, time will tell, [...]

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Native this native that Alaskan Native

2020-12-20T15:40:58-07:00Categories: Alaska Native, Richard, Richard life pages|

what is an alaskan Native? blood? culture? inheritance? what exactly does it entail? is that enough questions? I am at a time in my life, a kind of wtf moment of sorts, All this Native issues, not only, am [...]

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relationships and MOre

2020-12-20T17:12:47-07:00Categories: my bullshit, Richard, Richard life pages|

Lately, I have been cleaning up my act, yes, well kinda, just putting perspective on things, like what relationships are important, which ones cause me angst, Facebook friends down to me closest sweet Mary and my children, which are [...]

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almost regrouped time to find a paying Gig

2020-05-28T16:06:46-07:00Categories: Richard life pages|

well getting the house back in order, perhaps a week more of work. the dryer timer went under fritz, it was under warranty, took 2 weeks, Mary was patient, but not, back to the clothesline method, I almost bought [...]

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