December 2020

shame shame on me..

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you can hardly go through life, without someone pushing their shame on you.  whether it be their view of your religion, lack of religion, lifestyle, or your past, I know that is a tool, my family tries to use all the time.  whether it is beefing up false charges,  spreading rumors, the gamut goes on, the list is long, and I have done my share of stupid things, but you know what, I have no shame for all the bullshit  that is pointed in my direction, not the man whoring, the fighting, or even my drunken jail times. no shame, I do not deny, I was an asshole, with little regard for myself or others,  I  was the product of my environment.  Sure,  maybe some of [...]

November 2020

a Day of drinking at CAstaic lake

2022-02-18T07:10:05-07:00Categories: drinking daze, my drinking daze|

me and mike decided to hit the lake and got some coolers and filled them with beer and wine coolers, it was hot out. and summer was just getting going, I think, this was after the space shuttle exploded with that teacher inside, that is all I remember, I was digging a trench in Valencia when It exploded, it was a sad time we head up Castaic and started drinking and working on our tans, it was one of those days when you drink so much, that you drink yourself sober, well not quite sober, but not 100% inebriated, we decided to check out Newhall, which is a sister city of canyon country, Saugus and Valencia. Newhall is the oldest known city in the area, now it [...]

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