January 2021

ooops too much, is too much

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Ok, one of my favorite foods is prime Rib, last night, I showed no more restraint than our dogs, maybe that is why my sweet mary calls me the "big Puppy"  I think I gained 10 pounds, most of which came out down under this morning, but I do think I solved my chest pain issues, more likely stomach issues, than heart, as I have pushed it pretty hard, and it seemed to get stronger, I am not a doctor, but I play one in my real life.) well happy new year?  for who? you?  I think I have to figure where to get in line, for food stamps, as in Arizona, the good jobs are relegated to the illegal clans from the south, at least if [...]

December 2020

My culture your Culture where did it go

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I have been quite impressed with the younger generation of Alaskan Natives, I have even been subscribing to sites and they  all seem to be getting back Our culture, or at least what is left of it. Impressive. I had never seen this in my day, the big focus was money and  work, GET TO WORK, not hunting and fishing, The Image I share is my great grandmother and great great grandfather from Nome Alaska. you can see what his profession was, hunting and fishing. I just have to say here, when I was living in Uganik, it was the most peace I have had in my life, It was my fortress of solitude, It was a span of over 4 years, in which I planning on [...]

Uganik Natives Village

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This is my Village, well not mine. We started with 30 and are up to 100 I have lived out here with my  dad a few years at a time, alternating from here and Woody Island, this has a special place in my heart as with many of my family The reason is my grandparents Kelly and Natalie Simeonoff, they both grew up in Kodiak and had a house there and in Uganik. they operated a fish net site and every summer our families would come out and stay. They had 3 set net sites, well at least 2, I think one of them was a subsistence at the cottonwood site, which is where they lived. The story can be heard from [...]

what is going on in my world, you ask?

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well, I will tell you anyway, I am looking forward to reminiscing and remembering my past and sharing it on this webpage, but I am even more exited to start mapping out our family tree. from the bottom up, and start with the family that I know first, everybody should be able to have their own page, we shall see how that works out. I will need some help from family to dates and other info. I had recently finished build a deck to a trailer home, not my favorite job, but it was not too bad, some of those manufacture homes are shoddy at best, this one actually had 2x6 wall, I have seen them with 2x2 walls, might as well live in a tent. I [...]

November 2020

Proud White Native

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I had a Native epiphany of sorts, or more correctly a logical conclusion as to why my thinking was WRONG, yes it is me, yet again nobody is harder on me, than me. My thinking was wrong, because my mindset was that the corporation was to enhance and improved the lives of Alaska Natives and give them a path to equality that is dumb as fk, the real goal of any Corporation is to make money, get money, be paid money. the problem comes in when you can not sell your stock, which makes it kind of useless, you can will the stock to anyone you choose, but the value is inhibited by its lack of buyers. My epiphany came while thinking of those facts. The Native [...]

liberation or abandonment?

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Ok, so I have been really looking what my life stands for and how I would like things to end up. wanting and getting are 2 very different options, as brother Tollak says, if you have shit in one hand, and wishes in another, what do you have? a handful of shit, that kinda speaks the same as a bird in the hand, but shit makes the point better My main issue is whether to abandon the whole Native existence, I mean, do I want the Native label? Am I really proud to be part of a conquered people? A victim? Native means victim to so many, just look at the post on most of their sites. they stole our land, boo hoo they raped and enslaved [...]

October 2020

White Native

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I have been blessed, in this life, yet cursed in the same breath, I was born 7/16 Alaska Native, with blond hair and mostly white features. I am the lightest of my mom and dad. I was an anomaly of sorts, even causing some speculation as to my paternity, which probably caused some friction or at the least, whispers of infidelity. I have been called white by my own family members, maybe in a kind of jest, but with every joke, there is a hint of truth. We are judged on our looks, fat, skinny, brown, black, ugly (beauty is in the Eye of the beholder) for me "ugly" has more to do with personality, than looks, not to minimize true beauty, but that can fade with [...]

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My Village

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I have a village, I hometown, Kodiak Alaska, yes it is my true home, nowhere on earth do I feel more at home, than on this island, well, except when I am with sweet Mary. I was born in the griffith building downtown Kodiak, I do not have any memory of the 1964 earthquake tidal wave or anything from that time, perhaps, I remember great granny, but that was after, I think. I do not remember when I was 2, I stuck my knuckles on a hot stove, still have the scars, but do not remember. I do not remember being in a chicken coop on the side of the house, but i have seen pictures of me. my first remembrance of my life was about 4 [...]

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My Native life

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ok, I have come to a few conclust\ion about my life, the most important, stay alive, be alive, be in the moment, it may be hard when your mixing bags of concrete, but it is possible, I find that not being in a hurry to get things done, makes them more enjoyable, but lets be truthful, hard to enjoy, when your covered in portland :) That I am an Indigenous American, not by culture, but decree, I have a blood quantum, a BIA number, but on the other hand, I belong to no tribe. I belong to 2 Native entities. Koniag and Uganik Natives, neither on of them is a federally recognized tribe, somewhere down the line, as the corporations were diluted out of any value, other [...]

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September 2020

Native this native that Alaskan Native

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what is an alaskan Native? blood? culture? inheritance? what exactly does it entail? is that enough questions? I am at a time in my life, a kind of wtf moment of sorts, All this Native issues, not only, am I Native? I look white, the full bloods say, am I white, some say, no. am I confused? perhaps. The problem arises for me, I was raised as white as can be, I was exposed to some Native culture, not much but some, I lived in Bush Kodiak more than a few years, but there was not much culture, it was Alaskan, no different than most white or otherwise Alaskan lifestyle, I am the end of a long line of assimilation, like when the borg got captain jon [...]

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June 2020

White Privilege or Native Entitlement

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Once upon a time, there was a boy from a small Alaskan Town of Kodiak, in Sept 17, 1962, A small fishing village, or The largest fishing port in Alaska? The Good Friday Earthquake, shook up lots of folks in those days, Our family moved to Southern California soon after the quake, to Hawthorne California, then out the Canyon Country CA, I really do not know how we were able to move, or why, but I think it was the best thing to ever happen to our clan. We were blessed in being able to see Alaska and its people from a different perspective. We did not grow up with shame or racial hate, To be honest, nobody in Canyon Country ever said or did anything derogatory [...]

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chronological emails from Uganik

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here is where it begins... The setup to these emails was that my dad had abandoned Uganik and needed him gone, so they could make a deal with the Afognak land, at this point, I was doing my own thing, running my business and raising kids. I agreed to help, and it makes me sick to this day. My original plan was to quit as soon as it was figured out, instead, after reading the Lawyers pre-written bylaws, which would have made removing corrupt or self-serving board officers an act of congress. We still have not voted any new bylaws. the present board is working under the old bylaws, but acting as if we validated the "LAWYER BYLAWS" unless they did a secret vote? these emails, tell [...]

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Voices from the past

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These are some recordings from my great Grandmother and my grandmother, they give a clue how life was back then and reveal about the land, family, jobs and the history of woody island.

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May 2020

History of Richard’s Native Roots

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This is my story and what I know about my Alaska Native heritage, I belong to 2 Corporations, One is my village, which is Uganik Natives, and the other is Koniag. first I will go over what I know about Uganik, it is the one I am most familiar with. Uganik Natives started with an original shareholder list of about 30 shareholder, but has grown to over a 100 (I am not checking facts, this is information off the top of my head) I will try to confirm. The Corporation's Main asset is 750 acres in uganik Bay Alaska, which is about 1 square mile. The Corporation was created under the Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1972. The main shareholders are family members. I will post documents [...]

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Uganik Native Corporation

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Was founded in the Alaska Native claims Act, Our Corporation Uganik Natives was created by the Alaska Native Claims Act. We have 30 original shareholder, but that has grown to 200, but the amount of shares is the same, just divided up between more people. each shareholder was originally given 10 shares, that was converted to 100 shares. We also have a square mile of land in Uganik Bay

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