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White Native

2020-12-20T15:22:05-07:00Categories: Alaska Native, Uganik Bay|

I have been blessed, in this life, yet cursed in the same breath, I was born 7/16 Alaska Native, with blond hair and mostly white features. I am the lightest of my mom and dad. I was an anomaly of sorts, even causing some speculation as to my paternity, which probably caused some friction or at the least, whispers of infidelity. I have been called white by my own family members, maybe in a kind of jest, but with every joke, there is a hint of truth. We are judged on our looks, fat, skinny, brown, black, ugly (beauty is in the Eye of the beholder) for me "ugly" has more to do with personality, than looks, not to minimize true beauty, but that can fade with [...]

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