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no money for shareholders? Ellen demands a resignation

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  Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 08:09:47 -0800 From: To: CC:;; A couple of things - 1. Richard you need to send your e-mail to all shareholders explaining why the proxy is not being [...]


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I think Richard raises some valid concerns.  I'd like to hear others' responses to them.   Alyce --- On Thu, 10/23/08, Richard E Simeonoff <> wrote: From: Richard E Simeonoff <> Subject: To: "Ellen Simeonoff" <> Date: Thursday, October [...]

bylaws of Uganik Natives INC

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Review edits and comment. I am now going to review the table of contents to ensure the references are correct. TABLE OF CONTENTS BYLAWS UGANIK NATIVES, INCORPORATED   TITLE                                                                  PAGE   ARTICLE 1 OFFICES 1.1    Registered Office................................................. 1 1.2    [...]

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Here's one copy of the shareholders addresses/phone numbers. There are addresses on sheet #2 as well.   Peter Shanagin's phone numbers are currently disconnected, not entirely sure about the address. I spoke with Edward Katchatag earlier today. My daughter [...]

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PROXY -- DRAFT #1 (00011269) PROXY STATEMENT~DRAFT #3 (REDLINED)~5-25-08 (00011217)All: Attached is a redlined revision of the Proxy Statement for one final review.  By my calculations, it needs to be in the mail no later than May 29.  Please [...]