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that was the whole fiasco from the beginning to end. all this why still having to work in my own business. I resigned after being threatened and accused of stealing a battery.  The things that concerned me was in private, They had said, "what the shareholders, dont know.... and the refusal to compensate, for anthing I did. she wants to pay her son in law 40k for  roof, that can be saved and ceiling extended, for the cost of 2 days labor and 30 ft of 2x6 there is more, im tired r

Cousin Edson Fadaoff passes away, a new begining?

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I am sorry to pass this on through email but I received a call from Howard Peterson about a half an hour ago that he had heard from Steve Rittenhouse that Steve went to check on Edson and found him lying on the floor, deceased.   I just spoke with the troopers, and they are flying out to investigate, calling Ellen Pagano (Auntie Mae) because I have her number for them to get a hold of, I don’t have contact information for his brother Joe. And since she and Frank essentially raised him that seems the most fitting.   The Troopers are going to let me know what they find out. Someone is going to need to fly or boat out and make sure the cabin/house is [...]

John C

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Hi  Sounds good to  Me  Thanks tollak ----- Original Message ----- From: Richard E Simeonoff To: Alyce Roberts ; Donene ; ellensimeonoff ; john Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 11:21 AM Subject: 2 cents   Everyone, Well I guess I have to express my 2 cents. I think it is good that we have Donene to talk to Wile Hall, and anyone else that may have power to do something. We really don’t have any argument except on moral grounds. they don’t have to sign. But at lease we should be able to find out why. who knows maybe they have a good reason. but after that if they don’t sign. we are sol. I think Tim's assertion that using the media is detrimental is "HOGWASH". we [...]

Ralph Rastopstop

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TO:Richard Simeonoff Jr., Hello, to you and your family, in the sunny side of Arizona,it is colder in Fairbanks, than in Barrow, -44 in Fairbanks,around -14 in Barrow. I guess I will go ahead and send them the email, I mentioned to you, in my last message to you,would you be able to get me the list of addresses of the shareholders,so I maybe able to write them,of the concerns we have with some of the board members, about the distribution of the dividends. I hope everything is well with you and your family,are you able to get more work,for your construction business? Here's to a better year for us all. Ralph S. Rastopsoff (907)310-3746

finally a proxy with money to shareholder

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Dear Fellow Board Members: Attached to this e-mail is the latest revision of the proxy.  The changes made are summarized below: 1.      All modifications to prior versions of the proxy which were not an issue of contention have been accepted (in other words, highlighted tracked changes have been removed) so that new changes or language that is still an issue of contention is more easily identifiable. 2.      I modified the section authorizing officers to make changes to the proxy as long as the changes don't materially change the provisions of the land sale agreement.  I prefer Kathryn's language for the reasons she has mentioned.  The thought of having to re-mail a new proxy statement and hold another special meeting of the shareholders just because a minor change [...]


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I agree - these e-mails are truly ridiculous.  The accusations being made are not fact based.  For example, my position with the State of Alaska has been described as an office manager.  This is clearly wrong.  I do not manage an office.  The only true statement made in the e-mail below with regard to me is that I do not have the expertise necessary to manage millions of dollars.  However, I have no intention or desire to manage other people's money and I and others have made that clear.  Despite my ongoing attempts at making my intentions very clear it seems that shareholders who I can only assume are receiving information from Richard prefer to assume the worst of me and others.  Therefore I have made the decision [...]


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TO: Richard Simeonoff Jr., Hello from the north, more snow up here,about 3 to 5 inches, I was wondering let them put the 95% out now, we'll see if they do and say if you are serious do it now and we will iron out the rest after Christmas and new years. What can be expected of the missing funds? How much more land do we have available, that we could sell? Say yes to 95% now for Christmas and we will take care of the rest after the Holidays. Would you approve of this? I envy you down there in the sun, does your Dad have a computor, if so send him my EMail address, tell him I said hi and have a Merry Christmas and a [...]


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TO:Richard, I agree with you on this, let us work for the shareholders benefit, so the sooner we get this done the better,then we can relax, it is to bad this wasn't taken care of sooner, so we all could have a good, "Christmas." "Thank you again Richard."   Ralph S. Rastopsoff I'll send you a letter, instead of sending it by email, to many prying eyes. It has to do with patented land, we have it in writing, from our dads Attorney and on paper from  BIA, before Rose Brady took over, we also lived on it before, they had a bad fire, it was called "Carmel," on the Ayakulik river,123 acres on both sides of the river, from the mouth up. People used to [...]

no money for shareholders? Ellen demands a resignation

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  Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 08:09:47 -0800 From: To: CC:;; A couple of things - 1. Richard you need to send your e-mail to all shareholders explaining why the proxy is not being developed and distribution not being made to shareholders. It is because of you that our attorney  has  quit. 2.  I think you need to consider resigning, because we seem to get one step forward and you become involved w/your ideas and we go five steps back. 3.  You need to quit condemning my name and character, people can only take so much and I will see you in court if you continue to do so and you can spend your money defending yourself.   I hope Kathy will reconsider and you should [...]

brother kelly

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Kelly,   I'll respond to your e-mail in greater detail later but for now I think you should know that you are not hearing factual information.  The only board members that has received any payment thus far for anything is Richard.  He rightly received money for reimbursement of his trip to Alaska to attend the last shareholder meeting.  Apart from this, no board member has received money.  I've made it very clear that I do not want any money.   Be careful about the e-mails you send when you are only hearing one side of the story.  I'll update you more later.   Love,   Sis --- On Sat, 12/6/08, <> wrote: From: <> Subject: To: "" <>, "" <>, "Ralph" <>, "" <> Date: [...]

Lawyer resigns

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Richard and other Board Members: I do not think it is possible for me to continue to represent Uganik with respect to the current proxy solicitation.  It is clear that Richard does not respect my advice. Since you are still attempting to obtain a tax advisor, I would expect you can find another attorney to help you immediately so there is not too much of a delay in the process. Please let me know what I can do to facilitate the transfer of this matter to another attorney of your choice. Kathryn Black ________________________________ From: Richard simeonoff [] Sent: Tue 12/2/2008 6:45 PM To: Kathryn Black Subject: RE: Proxy Statement Changes I don't know how much clearer than we want a land sale tied to distribution. the [...]


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TO: Richard Simeonoff Jr, Hey here I am again, I did a big mistake, I emailed a message I thought was going to you, responding to her as signing off as the Radio station manager, not as the CEO of Uganik Bay Natives, I also said that that would look like fraud, I also said my feelings when I called the Attorneys office, I didn't feel good about their ans- -wers, not a good feeling, that maybe we should replace the Attorneys as well. They  (the Attorneys) are working for her not the shareholders,that is my gut feeling,so we need to replace them as well, that is what AKI, did when Clida Led- -ger took over the helm, she replaced the Attorneys. I didn't like the response [...]


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Richard:   I do not have personal opinions about what my clients do with their funds.  I have professional legal opinions based on many years of experience and seeing issues/problems arise in these contexts.  I was quite specific about indicating that it is your corporation's proxy and I will draft it as you direct.  I don't make business judgments for my clients, I give them legal advice and they make the business judgment.   I do not "feed" on Native corporations, I don't advocate keeping money so that I can inflate my fees, and I frankly resent the implication that I do.  If you have concerns about my advice and my fees, you are always free to raise that with me directly or seek other counsel.   Kathryn [...]

more of same

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Not even worthy of a response Richard. Not even.   Ellen Simeonoff General Manager Kodiak Island Broadcasting Co., Inc. KVOK-AM / KRXX-FM ph 907-486-5159 fax 907-486-3044 cell 907-539-2776       From: Richard simeonoff [] Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 4:01 PM To: Ellen Simeonoff Cc: Alyce Roberts;;; Barbara & Sonny Peterson;; Fred Simeonoff; Ralph Rastopsoff; Subject: Ellen, it only makes sense to tie the two together. You can be suspect all you want. what do i have to gain if we distribute the money to all the shareholders. nothing. what do you have to gain if you have control over 1.8 million dollars? maybe you want to vote no on the distribution. you clearly have this attorneys ear. and donene [...]

pulling a fast one?

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  As for what Kathy is recommending and comments......   The attorney's recommendations are in our LEGAL Best Interest as a board. They do not have to do with creating more fees. We are all legally responsible for all that we do.  I have serious concerns about going against the legal advice of our attorney. It's not personal advice.  It's legal advice.   The land sale and the distribution are two completely separate issues. One follows the other but they are not one in the same.   If I were a shareholder I'd be highly suspicious of any board that forced a vote on the land sale to be strictly tied to the vote on the distribution. It limits your options and essentially forces shareholders who would be [...]

more Ralph R

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TO:Mr.Richard Simeonoff Jr., It sure looks better the issue, say hi to your Dad, the last time I saw him he was working at Cook Inlet Tribal Council. I noticed you put Kelley's name in your Email the last time, is he your Grandfather, or one of your children? I feel like we may be on the road to healing, in the Corporation, it sure would be nice, Ellen may have had the boards backing, but she did not have the backing of those that put her in there, (elected in.) I thank you for being persistent, Richard, if you need a good Secretary for the Corporation, my wife is a very strong woman, she used to work for many years at Cook Inlet Native Association, then [...]

money to shareholders

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TO:Richard Simeonoff, Here is what Ellen has said, are you in agreement with her on this? I am wondering what is going on, I hear one thing then I hear something else. She still wants the proxy vote?Why I thought you said everyone is in agreement with you on this one. Let me know.   Ralph S. Rastopsoff   ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Ellen Simeonoff <> To: Cc:;;;;;;;;; Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 3:32:15 PM Subject: re: 1. The Board is in Unanimous Agreement on how to proceed with this proxy and that's what we're doing. The land sale will be tied to distribution. 2. We are waiting to hear from two different CPA's [...]

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Regarding your comments Richard:   The provisions allowing modifications or amendments only allow modifications or amendments "which do not materially change the substance or economics of the Land Sale Agreement".  Without such language, any sale would have to be completed based on the exact terms and conditions, e.g. if a different officer signs or there is a typo in the agreement, that would require new shareholder vote.  I understand your concern and would be happy to modify the language, but would definitely recommend that some form of language for the concept be included.  Maybe something like:  "allow modifications or amendments only so long as such modifications are minor and do not materially deviate from the agreed terms of the Land Sale Agreement" so some similar language?   [...]


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Richard, Ralph Here, if you know anyone that I can contact, let me know, but I will check with AKI  I inheirited some shares with them, if I can I will fax it to you right a- -way, send me your fax again, how do you like it down there in Arizona? Is there anyway you can take the responsibility of Uganikbay away from your cousin, for not fulfilling their duties as our leaders, or ineptness ? Let me know what else I can do for you up here, how did you get started in your business down in Arizona? I am waiting for a grant, so I can start my own business, as a" Bounty Hunter," it will be called (  I.C.U. Bounty Hunters ), I [...]


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Hi Kathy,   Here's the example of an Eyak proxy to use as a guideline we may possibly be doing some edits ourselves this weekend, a copy of our resolution, we'll get you a signed copy at the beginning of the week.   I'm still waiting on the EVOSTC resolution or meeting minutes from Tim Richardson. They should come shortly.   We want our proxy to be on a vote for the land sale and another part to be for a 95% distribution to our shareholders. If we need to provide a draft resolution on that we will, we may already have it.   Let me know what else you need. The 13th sounds like a great day for the proxy. I'll get a hold of Pat Szabo [...]


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I propose that we accept the money and distribute 75% to the shareholders Immediately. use the rest for corporate operating expenses. Any future money from 7i will be distributed 75% to shareholders and the remaining for operating expenses. Whoa that's alot of loot for a do nothing board!!! 90% 10 % for operating expences. ----- Original Message ----- From: Richard E Simeonoff To: Don & Peggy Nekeferoff ; Cy ; Barbara & Sonny Peterson ; Howard Peterson ; simeonoff ; Peggy ; John Simeonoff ; Fred Simeonoff ; Kelly Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 10:34 AM Subject: Fw:   From: Ellen Simeonoff Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 10:55 AM To: 'Richard E Simeonoff' Subject: RE: And yes I have felt for some time that what you're doing [...]


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I think Richard raises some valid concerns.  I'd like to hear others' responses to them.   Alyce --- On Thu, 10/23/08, Richard E Simeonoff <> wrote: From: Richard E Simeonoff <> Subject: To: "Ellen Simeonoff" <> Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008, 2:39 PM Ellen the main reasons for not advocating Allan Schmidt are the obvious conflicts of interest. The first being with Donene having a prior relationship with this lawyer. the second being he is currently representing other Native corporations that have an interest in the same money we are. also Donene Conflicts of being on the board of NOK definitely are a conflict. NOK wants to challenge their appraisal because they say ours appraisal was wrong. I have nothing against Donene, but we must act in [...]


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  Donene can certainly share info. I believe she should be getting it to you shortly. I think we should have a regular monthly or quarterly report on financials. We really don't spend much of anything but we should all be looking at the financials regardless.   I'm not too concerned with owing anything unless there's something we are unaware of, but the taxes need to be filed sooner rather than later. I realize fully that we don't have to pay taxes on the 7i money but greatly appreciate the email info and links.   Although this may appear to be routine, I still believe that I should be there to represent us from mulitple angles & levels of responsibility.   You really won't need to campaign [...]


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The first words in your e-mail were "Alyce in Wonderland" - explain why. You have questioned my motives all along and where my allegiance lies.  You clearly want it to line up with your own beliefs and agenda.  On much of the issues I am in total agreement with you.  However, I cannot tune out to ideas and concerns that other board members have.  To do so would be irresponsible.   With regard to state workers, I told you I don't let my emotions take over during a meeting.  There is a professional and more effective way to participate in meetings as opposed to going off on people all the time.   I don't know how many times I have to tell you that I support as [...]

more fun

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That's it!  I am so fed up with you and your accusations.  Why it is you think that I should think exactly like you and make the same decisions you do 100% of the time is beyond me.  You represent a vote on the board - one that you can make and one that I will not interefere with.  Likewise, I represent a vote on the board and I, not you, will decide how I vote.  You already know I am very much in favor of a large distribution.   Until you can treat me with respect, don't e-mail me unless you are sending an e-mail to all board members.   Alyce Roberts --- On Sat, 9/13/08, Richard E Simeonoff <> wrote: From: Richard E Simeonoff <> Subject: sale of [...]


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God. I'm not angry....but just so you know you sound really angry to me.   And i laugh when you say you don't know what I'm proposing. All I've been doing is putting out ideas.   I am tossing around several things. Re-read your first email. :) I asked everyone to think about several things, one of which is should we put the distribution in this first proxy and be done with it. That decision does come with the risk of the vote not passing though and I said we need to think it through thoroughly and we need to communicate heavily with shareholders if we do.   Where do I stand? I'm for a distribution that ranges between 95 to 100% depending on financial considerations for [...]

sell the land?

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Hi meto John ----- Original Message ----- From: Richard E Simeonoff To: Ellen Simeonoff Cc: John standing in the rain Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 7:10 PM Subject: Re: Meeting   Yes it all sounds good but I oppose any sale that is not tied to distribution.  that is one thing that must be addressed when getting shareholder approval. I would be adamantly against any blanket or vague wording as to what is done with the money. a wait and see approach is not acceptable. We have shareholders living in poverty and some going to die  in a few years penniless I had a lot of issues I wanted to address but the only one I have had full consensus on is full distribution.  no less  WE [...]


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All: Good news!  Attached are the recorded documents for the severance of Uganik from the AJV.  This was a rather complex path but we made it. If you have questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me. Kathy Kathryn A. Black Birch, Horton, Bittner and Cherot 1127 West 7th Avenue Anchorage, AK   99501-3399 Telephone:       (907) 276-1550 Direct Line:             (907) 263-7299 Direct Fax:      (907) 276-3680 Cell:           (907) 223-5234 -----Original Message----- From: Bruce Edwards Office [] Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 4:10 PM To: Kathryn Black Cc: Subject: RE: Uganik docs Kathy: The deeds to Uganik recorded today.  We're still waiting on the Koniag signature on the 7(j) assignment, but since that protects AJV, AJV decided to waive that as a closing condition to [...]


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Below is an email I submitted to moments ago with respect to Richard's correspondence to all of us. As for Richard's accusations of all but himself, they are far removed from reality. At present he is a board member who is unable to work well with others and is only satisfied if what he perceives to be the road to take is being adapted to by all other board members. Mr. Simeonoff lacks diplomacy, respect for other board members, the ability to listen to anyone or anything but his own agenda, honesty, patience, consideration for all shareholders and the ability to work well as a team. These are serious matters for our corporation to address and they will not be taken lightly. His inappropriate means in which [...]


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Below is an email I submitted to moments ago with respect to Richard's correspondence to all of us. As for Richard's accusations of all but himself, they are far removed from reality. At present he is a board member who is unable to work well with others and is only satisfied if what he perceives to be the road to take is being adapted to by all other board members. Mr. Simeonoff lacks diplomacy, respect for other board members, the ability to listen to anyone or anything but his own agenda, honesty, patience, consideration for all shareholders and the ability to work well as a team. These are serious matters for our corporation to address and they will not be taken lightly. His inappropriate means in which [...]

bylaws of Uganik Natives INC

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Review edits and comment. I am now going to review the table of contents to ensure the references are correct. TABLE OF CONTENTS BYLAWS UGANIK NATIVES, INCORPORATED   TITLE                                                                  PAGE   ARTICLE 1 OFFICES 1.1    Registered Office................................................. 1 1.2    Principal Place of Business....................................... 1   ARTICLE 2 SHAREHOLDERS 2.1    Location of Meetings.............................................. 1 2.2    Annual Meetings................................................... 1 2.3    Special Meetings.................................................. 1 2.4    Notice of Meeting................................................. 1 2.5    Quorums and Adjournments.......................................... 2 2.6    Voting Lists and Voting Rights.................................... 2 2.7    Nomination of Directors........................................... 3 2.8    Annual Audited Financial Report................................... 3 2.9    Annual Meeting Election and Proxy Rules........................... 3 2.10   Voting of Shareholders by Certain Holders......................... 3 2.11   Reimbursement of Proxy Solicitation Expenses...................... 3 2.12   Standards for Petitions and Written Requests...................... 4 2.13   Shareholder Proposals............................................. 5   ARTICLE 3 [...]


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All -   Attached are the proposed bylaws that I will be motioning to adopt at tomorrow's meeting.  I have written a summary of the substantive changes that were made to the bylaws since last distributed so that each of you can easily and quickly identify and consider the changes in preparation for our meeting.   Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.   Thanks.   Alyce --- On Wed, 7/30/08, Ellen Simeonoff <> wrote: From: Ellen Simeonoff <> Subject: FW: Uganik Board Meeting To:,,, "'RSJ Construction & Design'" <>, Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 1:31 AM Fellow Board Members,   Here is a revised agenda per Richard's suggestions.   I've also added the document that Alyce put together [...]


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Richard,   First of all I would like to apologize for not getting back to you.  Unfortunately I received your fist email while I was traveling on business in Washington DC.  I was back in Kodiak for just a day and a half before leaving again for Chicago.  I know it’s not a very good excuse, but with just a short amount of time between trips, I forgot that I had promised to respond.   I tried calling you earlier today.  I left a message on your recorder.  Rather than providing a long written response, I think it’s better for us to talk on the phone.  Please call me on my cell phone at (907) 830-0163.   Will


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Canyon Country California First of all you seem to be discounting any time that I have spent working on things.  I have spent numerous hours reading materials, drafting letters, and more recently a form so that you can get paid for your trip.  Also, I was available and standing by to attend the meeting by telephone.  I delayed other plans to be available and was prepared to be present during the entire meeting.  However, somebody else was not prepared for the meeting and therefore, two board members were waiting on the line listening to dead air.  Who knows how long we would have waited on the phone before anyone thought to notify us that there was no phone.   As for Ellen and her bills, [...]


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Kathy called me a little while ago regarding these final steps. She said that Bruce called her and said that the attorneys for the Am. Land Conservancy were offering to assist with this process because they're interested in other AJV lands as well. Kathy says that both she and Bruce seem to feel that could hold up our process and she says finalizing things as they are should come at no additional cost to us.   Richard had already mentioned this to me and wanted me to give the American Land Conservancy and email okaying the shift to them. I fully recognize the desire to save money if having them help with this will do that. My only concern is that we make this decision as a board and [...]


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<<Notice to Extend Option to July09_FINALSIGNED.pdf>> Dear Mr. Simeonoff: Attached is a fully executed Notice to Extend Option to July 12, 2009 for the Uganik project. You will be receiving an original in the mail via federal express from the American Land Conservancy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

july 9th

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  Richard,   Can you please remove my work e-mail address from your distribution list?  I provided a separate e-mail address to use instead.   Thanks.   Alyce   From: RSJ Construction & Design [] Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 7:37 AM To:; Donene; E; John standing in the rain Subject: Land Conservancy and other issues   We have to be careful about any stance we take on the issue of the land sale to the American Land Conservancy. Especially if they can reduce the price. This is bargaining and we should never let our true intentions be known to anyone but our board. the deal is very much Negotiable. These people have spent thousands of dollars to acquire this land and they plan on buying for [...]

Don Nekeferoff (Riptide)

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Hi Richard Donene spoke with me a few days ago I will be happy to do whatever you need to have done Protecting your funds is a matter of checks & balances so I’m sure We can do that without too much difficulty I think Donene will be calling back – we did not establish any specific Time to get the ball rolling Thanks Peggy     From: RSJ Construction & Design [] Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 1:18 PM To:; Subject: Uganik Natives   Don, I didn’t get out to see you as I had planned. my main goal for Uganik is to protect the land and to distribute any proceeds to shareholders. I know over the last 20 or so years there has [...]


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Ellen,   I am curious, is your scheduled dinner with Tim a business dinner or do you and Donene have a personal relationship with Tim and this is just a social get together?  The reason I ask is because if you intend to conduct business at all during this dinner meeting, my preference would be that all business be conducted while other board members are present via a telephonic conference.  I am requesting this for the same reasons you cautioned Richard not to speak on behalf of the board.   Alyce   From: Ellen Simeonoff [] Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 5:32 PM To: RSJ Construction & Design Cc: John standing in the rain;; Donene; Subject: RE: send information   Richard, Have some thoughts to [...]

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Here's one copy of the shareholders addresses/phone numbers. There are addresses on sheet #2 as well.   Peter Shanagin's phone numbers are currently disconnected, not entirely sure about the address. I spoke with Edward Katchatag earlier today. My daughter last night.   I can take my family obviously......, start dividing between the five of us and it should be fairly easy.   Take your pick Richard. :) Let me know what needs to be done to set up your ticket. Where you're at etc. Use both addresses for Donene, when she's home she forgets to check the yahoo one because she's not quite used to it yet. :)   Thanks,   EllenUganik shareholder addresses


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The Proxy Statement was put in the mail today.  A copy of the entire package is attached to this e-mail.  It will be important that you all talk to the shareholders to obtain their support and their proxies.  Getting 66 2/3% of all authorized shares (2067) is sometimes a challenge.   With respect to Richard's questions below, I don't think I have all of the answers, but:   The reforestation obligation is the responsibility of AJV.  Uganik is responsible for 1.29% of the total obligation of the AJV.  I don't know if you can just be responsible for your own reforestation.   Land should be free and clear.   I don't know the costs of the road use -- I suggest that you talk with someone at [...]

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PROXY -- DRAFT #1 (00011269) PROXY STATEMENT~DRAFT #3 (REDLINED)~5-25-08 (00011217)All: Attached is a redlined revision of the Proxy Statement for one final review.  By my calculations, it needs to be in the mail no later than May 29.  Please note the following: 1.      Section B(3):   I have named Ellen as the sole proxy holder. 2.      Section B(4):   I need to know how many shares are outstanding.  Is there some issue with the number of shares outstanding?  If so, we need to discuss that and make sure we are notifying all shareholders or that we understand what shareholders, if any, are unknown or missing.  Have any events occurred affecting share ownership since May 1?  If so, we might want to make a later record date. 3.      The form [...]


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Kathy & Everyone,   I believe Alyce can get you the retainer fee. Wiring instructions would be good though. Will see if I have a final signed copy of the AJV agreement I do not recall if we approved these revised Bylaws. Someone's gonna have to jog my memory here or I'm going to dig through meeting minutes. See Attachments---Shareholder names are attached, Donene has the most recent list with any corrected mailing addresses, I'll give her a call, or stop by her house to pick up later--she's in Tuscon seeing the doctor. For now this list is a good start. Board of Directors---John Crawford, Richard Simeonoff Jr., Alyce Roberts--Vice President, Donene Tweten--Secretary/Treasurer, Ellen Simeonoff--    President CPA--I believe we are going to use Altman, Rogers & Company [...]


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Kathy is going to look at the material that Richard sent her later today or tomorrow and will let us know if her estimate of $20,000 is on target.  While I was on the phone with her she looked at one of the others that she worked on and it was in the neighborhood of $106,000.  She said that she needs to look at our written agreement before she can provide an accurate estimate.  The $106,000 likely included land surveys and the partitioning of land.   If you all want to proceed without getting further information, we can vote now and if there is a 4 to 1 vote you can proceed.  I won’t be offended.   Alyce   From: Ellen Simeonoff [] Sent: Tuesday, April 29, [...]

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