Joy to the World.  I am not sure if the last post had made the impression that I am anti-church or religion, to the contrary, there is something great about singing the praises of and celebrating faith, so much power in music.  The positive energy created when a group can sing and dance and worship, that is Awesome, maybe a few words, the fewer the better, Children and Dogs learn by positive affirmations, when you put self doubt in peoples minds, you create confusion.  Some people are born the way they are, or molded that way, to try and break the mold in an hour service is, well far fetched. The power of having God on your side, that one simple thought, can bring relief and joy.  God accepts everyone, not just the church people. Going to church or studing the verse or whatever does not make you better than anyone else, just because you run around blindly saying praise jesus, makes you no more or less than anyone else, it just separates you, that is a good place to praise, in Church.  I  might go to church every Sunday if they just played and praised. no hand holding just singing and dancing. that would be miracle. So many good well meaning people at church. Doing good, being good for goodness sake. I guess its nice to belong to a club.  Make it fun, the people will come, do good works for the children and the poor, that is what jesus was about. let them know, that they do not have to carry the burdens of life on their shoulders, God can do that for them.  disclaimer: I am not saying I disagree with your version, this is just my   way of a christian life. for me, when life is the hardest and I have no answer, I ask god, not what color shoes to buy, but how to live my life. I pray for people, but not just anything, so much bad and suffering in our world, maybe a prayer to save all the worlds children from despair, unwanted self doubt, alienation, starvation, whatever life has dealt them. pray that I may love all people.