all this thinking makes me brain hurt, lol just kidding…

We are really living in the twilight zone, or are we? I think we are a Buch of knuckleheads, me included. WE ALL COMPLAIN about something from time to time, some more than others.

I can only really talk for myself, me myself and eye

COVID, has taken over the United States of America, what the hell is it? it seems like a scam…. but I do not want to die, at least yet!

my future is limited, but we still must trudge forward. at any min, any day, tragedy can strike.

Recently Lonnie Powers died from Cancer, but since he has died, 2 more deaths of High school mates, both were unexpected, both were my age, and both were still working thier asses off at day jobs. The American Whip is alive and well

confused yet?

I have a new epiphany, yes it is true, well not really and epiphany, just a reiteration of a long held belief of ,mine

We are insignificant to others

we are all on our own mystery ship, We are on this planet together, yet alone….

I have been in a reset pattern for quite some time now, just in a holding pattern of sorts. fight or flight, neither are good options

I mean where do you run to? CoVid is everywhere, ok that is not it at all.

FACTS AS RICHARD SEES THEM: We are like ants, but destructive

The biggest realization is that I am programmed, we are all programmed. Our programming begins when we are born and continues until the day we die.

I was programmed by my parents first and foremost, as were they


The largest amount of programing depends on where I went to school, in all of the world, there is not place, that has more like minded, humans than where I went to k-12 School, which is in Southern California, only I am somewhat of a hybrid if you will, like many, who had multiple hometowns growing up. I also lived in Washington State and Alaska, went to schools in those places too, it was a much different experience, and schooling. BETTER? perhaps

My year has been fraught with a weird sense of de ja vu

I know there are more discoveries, and heartbreak, it is just so confusing.

planning the last years, with the realization that everything can change in a heartbeat. WAR with CHINA, no jk

but life has a way of throwing curve balls, my problem lately is that I am not setting up to catch curve balls, just sitting on a fast ball, most times I can catch a week hit on a half swing, unless its in the dirt 🙁

I am unsure of how to be proactive in this weird world of ours, yet it seems as though our tolerance for hardship, and others thoughts have been weakened, we come from a history of WAR, nothing but WAR.

I know we are in a peacetime renaissance of sorts, at least in our Country. But that is not a lock, it is a nice wedge.

I say so, so it must be true. We are lucky, and not lucky, the Nuclear threat, has given us peace for now, but Covid is a warning of things to come.

why even worry about it? really that is true, why waste time to worry about things, just put it all in Gods hands

that is my preferred way, that goes with lots of things, WE MuSt see what is a distraction, or a dead end, and what will bring fruition, simple?

ok this is what happens, when I scribble just to scribble

diary diary on the wall who is the stupidest of all? me of course

MY biggest problem is that I do not accept things for what they are

if I think something is wrong, I speak up, protest, balk, even to the point of spite meself, yes it is my goliath

this little quirk of mine has been my own personal impediment, I shall call it my brain impediment.

I do not see myself as a helper or a changer, just a survivor…. I will survive, with or without you

who is the “YOU” I speak of

that you is anyone, and everyone who is within reach, from the closest, to the furthest, I embrace and welcome you all!!


anybody and everbody that wants or is tolerant of me in thier lives, I love and accept you wholeheartedly, for those that dont? well the same love and affection, but the effort shall not be wasted, life is so short, I really love to see everyone, wish I could just viist people all day, everyday, all of my foamily to my 1st cousin to the 5th cousin.