Well I am back to my normal pesky problems, except for a kind of mental hangover, most of the effects have gone from my Covid experience, I am happy I finally got that over with, now at least I know it wont kill me, but did feel pretty bad, and except for the chest pressure was just like any other flu, ok not really, I lost my smell and taste too, and for awhile when breathing through my nose it burned like a gas fire. I did my 25 push ups and squats with my weights this morning, just a weee bit of lost strength, but not too shabby. my knoggin feels empty, like I had a lobotomy, the Francis farmer kind, but at least it is not a brain fog, like the chemo induced fog, more like lacking any emotion, “I just wish I could cry”  cry cry cry, ahhaah  that brings me a smile. Sweet Mary like to say that I am funny to self, I crack myself up 🙂   it is so true. hopefully this is my month, November got get moving on some deals. finished my drawings, well except for the “engineer” I think engineer mean “make circle fit in square hole”  might have to send most of them back to common sense school.

well both sweet Mary and Jt, tested Negative for the virus, I still am stumped, maybe just the perfect storm, not paying attention or something, clueless, so I will try and be extra safe now, my quarantine ends tomorrow.  I think I will get a pair of the other shots, as the Johnson did not keep me from getting the virus, and since I know it had to a casual infection, it was worthless, well that is my take, perhaps I would be dead without it, but if it was so good, I would not have gotten sick. dead inside, dead inside, dead inside

that sums it up. it feels good to be emotionless, yet need a spark to keep beating the wolves away. been a tough year trying to make money, mostly getting into tough deals, and I dont like to just take any project, it seemed so promising. broke and gun shy, what a combination. well now I can say I need to get my broken, one eyed, cancer serving, Covid surviving ass, out there and earn my keep. hahahahha

I feel somewhat broken, ;o yet I know the show must go on!!

hey, I have a cure for all you fatties out there, listen closely, I am not trying to be rude, I know what it feels like to be called bubba, and feel obese, we were fatties, I still feel fatter than I need to be, after all, what is this flab good for? nothing, absolutely nothing, I have at least 90 days of life on me, when do You think I will be 90 days without food? we accept for fatness as normal. I feel the same right now as when I am fatter, it is called self delusion.  ok, enough of my bullshit, the answer

remove your taste buds, yes, I know for a fact, this works, I lost my taste when I was going though radiation and chemo, I ate less and somethings I did not eat at all, the only things that tasted normal were shrimp’s and a few others, and now, without taste buds, I could hardly eat my favorite salad, so forget the gastric bypass trick, get in there and get those taste buds removed soldier 🙂

here is some proof https://newsexaminer.net/lifestyle/health/woman-loses-140-pounds-taste-buds-surgically-removed/

or you can put your big boy/girl pants on and quit stuffing your face to make yourself happy,  much harder, and I have to be hard on myself otherwise I will stuff my face continuously. lack of character, for writing this, perhaps, for overeating, NO it, we have been all trick or treated into thinking SUGAR is a fucken staple. it is poison, nothing else but poison. we have been mass fed this products over decades and the truth is starting to leak out in AMERICAN OBESITY,  the bigger problem is that they condone it and justify it with body shaming, it has nothing to do with looks or character, this is about personal health. getting a handle on your own health, despite all the traps.  3 meals a day, that is ridiculous, Halloween? biggest fucken mistake ever, bah humbug, sugar feeds not only Obesity, but cancer too. I am judging anyone but myself, I feel your pain, I have lived a life of addiction, drinking was my master until 1995, then it became serotonin drugs, other pharma and lots of food, finding inner peace is a journey, not a destination, its about trying to accept and enjoy the ride. finding ways  to enjoy our lives, I will be much happy when this whole Covid bullshit is over, then the whole democrat republican’s sheep war is over, something has to give.

I for one am sick of both sides, its all fucken bullshit, a big smoke screen for something bigger going on behind the scenes, the whole manipulation of EVERYTHING is perhaps to some bigger evil

perhaps just stupid is as stupid does.  maybe the engineer can save us :/