I dont know where I get this headlines they just pop into me brain

OK, so I have been connecting with my Native American side, in a more meaningful way, lately, and that brought me to the plight of  the local San Carlos Apache band, which had been relocated from Rich Copper land, the land which sits near superior and runs all the way up to Miami and Globe, the destruction is clear, raped land, raped and barren, it looks kinda cool in some places, but compared to the existing paradise, it is a shame, Oak Flats Campground, it is Beautiful, I can see why the Apache band loves this land, it is in the desert, but Not. so close but so far, you head to superior, go though a pretty much abandoned town, still bustling, but many boarded up and shoddy places, same as miami and globe, the big Mining companies leave these towns as shitholes after they leave, the jobs they create, for mostly transit workers, no permanent jobs, I do have some questions,  how much money does the State of Arizona look to get from this deal? how much money does the federal Government get from this deal, tax money?  how much money did you donate to John McCain? Now we know about the jobs, sure a small percentage will go to locals, but the majority will be filled by your lackey workers, who when all the copper is drained and another slice of paradise is raped and gutted, they will go back to wherever the hell they came from. there are billions of dollars worth of Copper, WOW billions, sounds like a bailout. This is not just the Big Business doing this the is OUR Government, and in the name of We the PEOPLE, how much will the average Arizona, or American benefit from this deal? Our we just a  Burn and turn SOCIETY?  is our mission, Just get ours!!  with no thought towards the future our our future generations? let alone the whole planet. burn up all the oil, burn up everything lets get ours.

America was Conquered  and bought, In Alaaks they bought the land and Natives, lock stock and barrel, brainwashed them, then used them against each other. They did the same thing, nobody can live on Native land, our corporation was even taxed for anything they built on  Native land, for years. Now we have corruption in all  corners, they created a system of GET MINE, instead of we the people, most corrupt bullshit. they tricked them into thinking they were all Stockholders, and CEO’s  board of directors, but really they all just sheep of the government that took their land, their hunting rights and gave them to anyone in the United states that wanted to come up and live. that was to outnumber the Natives. must keep them outnumbered. Hunting rights, O no, well only protected species. the only way for these Corporations to thrive is to hire non shareholders, out of state, or to sell of mineral rights, OIL Timber, and granite, o but the dividends, 1000 a year if your lucky, how many can live off of that, well nobody, because you have to pay rent in their cities, because they will not let you or help you create communities, actually they forbade it in most cases, o maybe if your lucky they will let you pay for a permit. Make no mistake, all of this can and most likely will  be taken away anyway, as you see with the San Carlos tribe, they actual should be called the Oak Flat Tribe, that land is beautiful. and so close to the desert.  that reminds me of my own plight. so my father had served in the Navy during the Korean War. and was eligible for a Native allotment, the land they are allotting, is in bum fuck egypt, no where near where our tribes were located at the time of purchase, but land that is costly and expensive to get to, they finally gave an allotment to my uncle who died in Vietnam, but not until my dad died, and from the looks of it, this will be long after I am dead, you see? they will make concessions, years later, and hope the next generation forgets, or has little interest. My problem now? I have a Judge that is supposed to assign a personal representative to my fathers estate, so we can apply for his allotment.  the judge, from the looks of it is a tool of the State, helping with his bench to keep the natives down. he ruled in one case, to keep parental rights for a child that was sexually abused by the parent.

This goes back to the root of the problem, they have created what they consider an inferior people, abolish their way of life, and create nothing to but handouts to fill the void, and a lot of available booze, while their compadres rape  the land.

Would it be too much to ask, to educate the Native Populations of the United States of  America?  would it be too much? to give them real health care? instead of feeding them poison?  Most Native Americans have been fooled, FRY BREAD IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE

we like our Natives fAT DUMB AND HAPPY, well then, just get them thinking their traditional food is fry bread. you do not hear about how, Geronimo could outrun the whole Untied states Calvary at anytime. pretty sure, he was not eating fry bread.

Instead Natives are  given sub standard education, while the hollywood elite, buy their diplomas, and skate by the system professors, who have no problem flunking out  the Natives, unless they are compliant, sheep