I am sorry to pass this on through email but I received a call from Howard Peterson about a half an hour ago that he had heard from Steve Rittenhouse that Steve went to check on Edson and found him lying on the floor, deceased.


I just spoke with the troopers, and they are flying out to investigate, calling Ellen Pagano (Auntie Mae) because I have her number for them to get a hold of, I don’t have contact information for his brother Joe. And since she and Frank essentially raised him that seems the most fitting.


The Troopers are going to let me know what they find out. Someone is going to need to fly or boat out and make sure the cabin/house is locked up.


We can fly out sometime in the coming months or boat out and clean up the cabin make sure it’s secure and functional. Howard has also offered to take us out. Ultimately I think we should fix it up and turn it into a shareholder use cabin and also a place for board members to go if we are going out there. Edson had it in pretty decent shape.


Both Margaret Roberts and Howard Peterson may have an interest in the cabin but it seems the most logical to me that it should become a shareholder cabin since Ronnie did not actually give it to anyone. If you have other thoughts please share them and interject. We have been paying the taxes on this property for many years and it is on Uganik land.


I would really appreciate your thoughts on the use of this property. At Margaret’s mother’s property is another place that needs to be cleaned up and removed and salvage what can be salvaged.


Maryliz was supposed to order signs and I don’t believe she did. In July she went into some personal challenges and crisis and is presently on the path to fixing some things on her home front. So she did not follow through with some things that we needed to take care of. We will need to proceed with those things in early 2019.


I am actually quite sad to hear of Edson’s passing, my meeting with him a year ago was very nice, at that time I found him to be very kind, pleasant, helpful and happy. I hope that his passing was quick and as painless as possible.


On a completely separate note, the checks should be finalized today and in the mail either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.


I hope you are all healthy and happy.