How are they going to get TRump out of there? ahahah well, he is just returning the favor, we had 4 years of russian collusion, impeachment and everything but the kitchen sink, thrown Trumps way.

Now they want him to go quietly, not a chance, he is an egotistical maniac, One of the reason, that I did vote for him. he is not swayed by the “group” or I like to call “sheep” mentality.

The problem, he was a little too far to the Narcist side, than expected, dumb as can be, he just had to show some compassion, a little, not a bunch, just enough to make him likable, for the sheep.

For me, it was enough, that their was plenty of work to go around, now, it is dying up faster than spit on the sidewalk in a Phoenix summer :/

The other things, were how we give Billions to other countries, Countries that hate us, and always will. Now I am not condoning hate of Muslim countries, because, they are sheep too, but sheep without a constitution. We have a Constitution, that gives us free speech. (extremism in any form is dangerous)

We will have a new President, and if he does not keep us afloat, Trump will be back in 2024, and you can expect him to be very vocal and even going the extra mile for retribution.

Trump lost, because he could not even pretend to understand the middle class. failure to expound on his accomplishments, instead opting for trash talk, no he was not presidential, but what we needed, Now we have President Biden

what will the Biden presidency bring? I have some guesses, some real and some funny, and not so funny.

he has already picked an all women communication group, which is nice, but just as when you have all men, or all of anything, it becomes elitist, not progressive, but I am sure they smell good Joe

I know it is a sad prediction, but i do not believe that Biden will be able to eke out 4 years, so we should have our first Female President, I feel like it is a dark prediction, perhaps EVIL, to even say or think it, but it has been said… enuf

I do believe that this time is for social change, which is good for everyone, and equal playing field, the problem is the way they do this, which is to focus on big government, regulations. The problem is that their is no oversight on the Watchers. they operate with impunity. Instead of being for the people, it is for the watchers, with not oversight, corruption, not direct or criminal, legal old fashioned, like 80% admin and 20% actual working toward a better tomorrow, all self serving.

The place to begin, with our Children, the schools, what are they learning, are the learning enough? are they safe? teachers and schools know, who is bad or nice, like Santa, the rights of children in the World is atrocious.

I know I speak about all of us being sheep, but we are safe and warm sheep, at least in America, but we can do better, so all Americans have a chance to live the American dream of Freedom, Freedom to choose our lives, well to some extent, it goes back to our beginnings, what were your beginnings?

One things I must say, I am not about “blaming” anyone for my life or anyone else’s life, NO it is bigger than that, it is about Improving our personal family culture. seems simple a more common term is breaking the cycle.

Most abusers were abused, this is fact, so are they guilty? I am not one to make a judgement on that, depends how damaged? well that is tough to judge, my thoughts are pertaining to my own experience.

Looking back, I was very fortunate, but a mess nonetheless. I really did not think much, I was on autopilot, not until the 12 steps, did I even start to get a clue, I always had compassion, but not and educated understanding compassion that years of self awareness can bring, and not really until after my own brush with the grim Reaper, well actually had lots of times, that I could have kicked the bucket, but it was my brush with Cancer that had me, Really really trying to understand myself. I was still stuck on autopilot. change is not easy, we have the foundation, which is our childhood, it follows us our whole lives, this is not to condemn, but more to understand.

ok enough bs

I think it can a be a good thing, this Biden ticket, if they keep the economy rolling, and work on the system, I still belive, they need a medical Army, more than a space corps

if we all die, what good is a space corps?

time to meet our maker?

will the sun ever run out of heat? how many more years?

ok back to the task at hand

that brings me to my dark side, I think that all this Covid was a planned attack, by the Chinese, bankrolled by America’s Richest, they keep getting richer, especially with Covid, and Big Pharma, going to cash in too, am I advocating socialized Medical for all? no way no how, you talk about coruption, that money will be wasted, no it has to be military, train nurses and doctors for free, lots of them. as history has shown, disease has been a very effective tool to get rid of unwanted peoples, an accident, maybe the first plauge, the second virus, but are we that stupid? I am for sure

I mean, they have these fancy weather charts, but cant make an infection chart, they can not even track it in real time

This has been a pet peeve of mine, I know we have to protect privacy, but we DO NOT HAVE TO PROTECT statistics, I mean real usable statistics. how many people has a certain doctor cured of cancer, they have that for contractors. what is the success rate for a particular procedure? we get a handout, that is it, made by the company doing the procedure.

maybe you dont know this, but buyer beware at your local hospital, how to you even know what the best cure for any particular disease is? Sheep, we are all sheep.

The food we eat is poison, well that you eat, I quit eating manufactured foods, which include, bread, sugar, pasta, pizza and anything that is detrimental to my health. We are feeding our kids crap, all on the government’s misleading bullshit.

gay rights, has been on the forefront, which is a good cause, nobody should be discriminated for their convictions or preferences, but not my fight

really anytime to pick a side on any issue, you have a counter view

well I have to work on me truck, hopefully we get the economy going, not in four years, but now

I need to rethink my work plan, hopefully get some work