Ok, so what is going on? now we have Omicron, what next? I thought from the beginning that this was all a move towards some objective, and that seems to be the case. Just ask yourself, who is benefitting? is it the taxpayer? the government? or rich hospitals, Corporations or supposed non-profit companies? yes they are raking in billions of Government money, and that is not only the money they are getting, or billing for, I got this bill after insurance paid 5k, it was a scam to fill a room. I was admitted with Covid symptoms, all Covid related. how much money are they getting?

the press in this county  is a fucking joke

I took the vaccine and got a booster, as I am one of the potentially at risk, being a cancer in remission for almost ten years now. not so much from the cancer as the treatment, my thyroid has been giving me issues, on and off, but taking poison also had had its effect. cisplatin was the name of my poison, they call it chemo.

WE get no news about, side effects or people dying from the vaccine, but there are doctors out there saying just that.  heart conditions Myocarditis and Pericarditis are just a few.  this should be front page news. how many deaths from vaccine? The press is pushing an agenda, this whole bullshit covid thing has been about smoke and mirrors. this has to do with control. not choice, if they gave a shit they would could have stopped it in its tracks, or more plausible, they should have left everything open and let is run its course. spent the money on people who were actually in danger of dying from Covid. far smaller amount than trying to protect everyone. Now that we have the Vaccine, we have a choice, get it or not. simple.  I still like the workers wearing mask, keep them from sweating into the burgers, spit and whatever bodily fluids get into our food.  ICK.

the government should pay a 5 dollar per hour bonus to wear masks, tax the rich hospitals.  tax the billionaires, tax the rich, tax the shit out of them. I have not gotten any trickle down jobs, in Arizona they go to the illegal aliens, even the union jobs are non-American.

This is about control, my conspiracy theory:  this is all a scam, We think we are better than Russia, we are just as corrupt and evil as the Siberian empire, well not us citizens, but or government, the people behind the scenes, taking billionaire money, raking it in. here is just one example, this Christine Sinema, she held the whole government, her and manchia, both traitors in my view. traitors to their party, just like  I thought Senator McCain was a traitor, when he went against Trump. just because he said he was not a hero, he was captured, he spilled the beans, he broke. then he traitored to his party, which is not much, since both sides are full of greedy pawns. my case and point, Sinema, so we all  know how much these commercials cost, right, at least the super bowl ones, anyway, we have been bombarded with commercials on how great Simema is, and this Mark kelly, do you think joe schmo voter is out paying, NO FUCKING WAy, it is the billionaires the multiNational profit greedy corporation that are making these commercials. Back to my point, russia poisons or jails people who speak out against putin or the corrupt billionaires, I would have to have my head in the sand or up someone’s ass, not to believe the same is true here in America, only we are much more adept at making Cancer look like a natural disease, or this Covid deal is a perfect way to be able to find out when someone gets an appointment for covid and slip them an undetectable poison. Why else would they be pushing the Vaccine beyond comprehension, the Omnicron is merely the flu, according to them, right? they could actually wipe out a whole group of people after they begin making it mandatory, or get the fear so high that people take it without a second thought,  yOu may think that i am somewhat paranoid, not at all, I am just pointing out that there could be some bad things at work, or again, maybe your head in so far in the ground or up someone else’s ass, that you have no clue hahahahahahahaha ok sorry, I have this dark feeling lately, like what the fuck is going on. but on the bright side, Glad to be back in Arizona, just the normal grouchy looking old people, back to normal again. hawaii was just depressing as much as it was beautiful.  I have to find my next gig, maybe pay for some advertising, the craigslist ad only found a few repair projects. maybe start spamming facebook pages, or spamming contactors engineers and architects, that has worked in the past, but  I mostly dont like to deal with them. the old one, are a ok, but the younger ones daff n dum.

I hope the rest of the world gets back to normal again, soon. maybe I will score a decent project. I should work on my plan…. uh maybe I will plan to work on my plan, that seems easier, just can not seem to engage, like Maverick in Top Gun, engage mav engage mav…….

I did get another subscription to Wonderium, and look forward to learning more, and get back to upgrading my writing skills, and guitar playing, and I want to learn more about the human genome, I would really like to know what some of the chromosomes mean, they are mapped to certain traits, there does not seem to be too many of them, we match up on many, and many of them are tied to genetics, somehow…

OMNICROM is it just the flu now, what happened to the original? where is delta, how many billions have hospitals raked in?  how much has the government doled out?

one thing I would like to mention, I think the government is going to go after all this loan money and paycheck protection money, they lost billions to fraud. my village is handing out free fish, ahahhah I do like fish, but hard to pay bills with a salmon hahaha I wonder how much they making on the deal?  I am sure they spending it all on themselves. I ordered some of the fish, it was delicious, the frozen was anyway, the smoked salmon, not so much too much vinegar. but expensive, I bought, almost as fresh at Costco, of 1/3 the price, and frozen is not bad at all. but free fish sounds good, not as good as 6.98 a pound prime rib, but a nice change. I love to cook the salmon on the barbe, skin side down, and eat skin and all. yummy fer me tummy. these Native corporation could have done so much good with this money, with a little creativity, but alas, they a business, not really about Natives, but business as usual

ok I need to play some Call of duty Vanguard, my new game, a christmas present to me self. pow pow pow wow