had a run in today with some blacktop, I have been roller blading with my dog, he is a big German shepherd, well today, things went a little awry for me, he pulls like a beast a full gallop, I was heading down a hill with him pulling me through a parking lot transition, he caught sight of a little dog, it was to late, for me, got caught on my heels, slammed head first into the pavement, I hopped right up, some lady was yelling “Are you alright” I was yeah ok, bleeding from my head, I got out, embarrassed, and battered. I had planned to go on an extended trip, and did not hesitate to finish my route, much to shock of a few bystanders, finally the blood dried up, and just looked like a dirty face 🙁  what wack on the head, yea no helmet, but it would not have helped, I slammed into my shin and lower cheek,  O mama. I was thinking this reminds me of fighting days, but those days, when I got hit, I was too drunk to really fight well, or sucker punch, I prided myself on my speed and power. I had some clown on fb, say once, yeah but did you have the stamina, who needs stamina, when they go “plop” to the ground. I remember one time in Canyon Country, I was drunk riding a skateboard. kept falling and crashing on my head, had a bloody head and  drunk, couldn’t even stay on the skate board, some picked a fight with me. always some asswipe trying to look tough fighting an inebriate, same ones that beat women. just remembered cause I was rollerblading same smack to the ground, not too many people hit that hard, I was pissed at myself for not slowing the dog before the curb transition, wrist hurts, headache and my face bruised up, also reminds me of the time I got smashed in the face with a beer bottle, had a chip in my chin for years, I have forgotten more fights, now, but remember that pesky chip, after ten years, I had some pool stick work its way out of my head. that was weird. live  and live