I dont know, I know nothing, what I think I know is from watching the news, which does not give all the facts, that I know.

Do we remember the Cold War, when the United States went to war in Vietnam and Korea, against the Russian & Chinese Communist, Our whole story was to stop the spread of Communism.

We did not fight the Russians or Chinese, but they were the catalyst to both wars.

How is this different than the Russians wanting to stop the spread of Capitalism, or Nato?  we only know what we think we know.

We talk of the Oppressive China and Russia states, but what about our oppressions?

We have Native Americans living with no water, forced into shithole cities to work for slavery wages, whilst Illegals are shipped in, or let across the border to keep wages down. This I have seen with my own eyes. This is not just speculation, I do not blame them, they want a better life, we have porous borders, but that is not the real problem, They are allowed to work and prosper, at a level they could not in their home Countries. This is fine and dandy, unless your a rank and file American, born out of privilege, the Privilege of being able to get a decent Education. I was watching the start of the Nazis’ purge of the jews in World War 2, One thing that stuck out at me, was the Nazis, banned all Jews from secondary education, that is going on right now in America, not banned, but Most Americans are stifled from affording a good education, and if they are lucky enough to get past the elitist Education system, they are thrust into a system of corruption and waste. Joe Joe biden, had even said he was sorry for what he did to the inner city blacks, creating crimes to send them to prison. Marijuana, which is not much more powerful than coffee, a felony, while, the Hospital and drug companies write billions in prescription for an addictive opiate, and thousands die each year. America is the fattest Nation on Earth, the Government makes you wear a seat belt, sure that is a danger, mostly to yourself, but they have no problem letting the food companies poison all our food with sugar and unhealthy flour products. The Cost to this is astronomical, and it is all for profit, Hospitals, Doctors, charging billions. We are fun by big Corporations, Mega Money, they all billionaires. The far right want to give them a tax free reign of silent terror, slow death.

Why do we have such a stupid government? I will tell you why, it is not of the people for the people, it is of the rich for the rich.  Most disease  in America can be avoided with a healthy diet.

I think we are all blind, dumb and stupid.   Treat the symptoms and not the cause of disease is Corporate greed, Cancer is fed by sugar, and worse than sugar is “Enriched” flour.  I am beginning to think this diet is a master manipulation plan, diabolical, these foods turn off people brains and make them,  food addicted, their brains do not function right.  Fat dumb and happy, is not just the fat, but anyone who eats these poison foods.  I know this is only my personal blog, and nobody sees this, so I have not problem being a crackpot, going against the grain.  being hungry is good for us, feeding all our emotions with food is not.

there are studies all over, this is science. we need to teach our children to get control of emotion as well as hunger.

blah blah blah.  I feel fine, just a rant, and I judge not, lest I be judged.   I do miss fried chicken, spaggetti, perok and deep fried  fish, but I have never felt better, even with all my post cancer ailments.  playing in a baseball tournament tomorrow, have to deal with humans, but on the good, I am not managing, so I dont have to show back up:)



ok enough rant for today.