This whole stoic spok mentality is pretty enlightening, but also has lots of holes in the theory, so your not responding to the one thing everyone always says, listen to your gut, well, I know that is bullshit, I have more than a dozen times, felt like a winner, in my gut and bought a losing lottery ticket, I only buy them when I am feeling luck, or when it gets so large, you can use your imagination to all the fun stuff your going to do with the loot, that in itself is worth the ten bones. what about the dark side of this storyline, say for instance, your thoughts are right, your spouse is cheating and your thinking everything is hunky dory? I am sure they are justifying it in your behavior, what other explanation in their own head could they use? This is something I have thought about many times, in the past, I have had lots of weird things happen, not in my marriage, but just plain old folks on the street, who seem to be talking about me, right in front of me, this has happen more than enough that I write about it now, the first response is this is fucken crazy, I am not, but after thinking about the situation, I can not react, without solid proof, it’s not like im a cop and there are no coincidences, right? You always hear about people who think people are following them, some unknown entity, this could be someone perhaps a jilted in law, outlaw,or someone who just hates your guts, and has time and money to drive you off, or you could be as crazy as a loon bird, them trying to make you think your crazy as a bat right? or it could just be random shit, look, there are billions of us, we are like ants, only less organized. The thing is, it is the same in a suspected cheat deal, do you really want to be the person in a state of mad distrust, imagine yourself in this situation, perhaps playing the fool, the clown, perhaps they even call you a clown, but if you look at yourself, are you being a good person? are you happy running around distrustful? I would think not, The matter boils down to, OO YOU HAVE REAL PROOF? if not, your torturing yourself, should you look for proof, no, of course not that is just more torture, what then? the main thing is if your being virtuous, if you are then that is all you can do. They would only be hurting themselves, for when you act in a manner that is not virtuous, you are hurting your own soul, its like self mutilation. Hopefully if in fact this horrible thing is happening, someone will tell you the truth, or you will find out the truth, otherwise, all you can do is be virtuous, and live a good life. I am now constantly asking myself, are my actions “good” as in ‘virtuous”. it is a simple question.