let the light in, close out the dark.

I had an ephiany today, we are like birds, dogs, and all animals, we are animals, but we do not have to be.

Maybe it is a better life to be  bird or dog.

To be self aware, means we have to look at our lives, all lives, our species.

where do I fit in? what is it all for? are we a good thing? We are of earth, we are earthlings. (Big smile)  I like being an earthling, an aware earthling, aware of my own minute status amongst our universe and beyond, just like Woody’s friend Buzz lightyear, to Infinite and beyond.

smelling the roses for me, just looking around at all the colors and saying I am alive, look at all the pretty colors and people, milling around just like birds, unaware of life the life they have so precious.

I love to think that everything is for a purpose, that their is a God and we are included in his purpose, that our journey goes beyond this earth.

yet, I am content with my life and death, I can not have blind faith, as I am blind enough.

Live Love laugh.

I love the rainy nights

corny? yeah i know

hey, my job was a mud pit today, I was looking forward to finishing up my digging, o well, had to take back some crooked fascia from Home depot, it was not even good enough for plate framing, maybe a few 8′ sections. blah blah blah 3 blind mice see how they run.

Crazy in love with life. the War Rages on in Ukraine, funny thing is that I dont see any people of Color, they all white, 98%  isn’t that interesting, if Phoenix was having to skedaddle, you would see all different shapes and colors.  Why is this? there were lots of afghan’s trying to flee the taliban, were they not welcomed as human?

I also notice, that black people and brown people mostly wear masks, even now, I was thinking with was because of the George Floyd fiasco was at the same time, what do you think? I think whoever sic (whomever) created this whole Covid thing and the War, have won in separating people by mask alliance. food for thought, O speaking of, I had chicken liver with mushrooms, onions.  it was pretty good, almost felt like snails, but good medicine, food is medicine.

I think I am getting to the point of no return, I dont have to be a less than anymore, no more less than the pure whites, no more rug to these people that think of me as sub human. the darkness lies within all of us, let out the light, live the light we all deserve to feel equal to all people, everyone all the time. it is time to see the little tricks and games for what they are. Hhahahah

funny shit, my brother used to call me KOO KOO for coco puffs, when I was fighting all the time. Anyway, that is as far as I stray… remember be you, find yourself within yourself, it all begins and ends with you, do not lead a life of other peoples expectations, be the light 🙂