day 3 of my fast, woke up in the middle of the night and had a nice slice of watermelon, it was taste, shared it with rhaegar, I did reprimand myself for cheating so early in a fast, but I did load up on on supplements, and my coffee with melted 100% chocolate, and a splash of half n half. So far not hungry, or even tired,  one thing I did get this time was DR Bergs electrolytes, which have a good record and good reviews. still feeling a little blah about people in general, hopefully I can get some love for humanity back into my brain. Reading  has been a good mindset helper, and I know I have been on a good keel for most of my my life, I just dont know how some people are just happy with existing, just existing, but he dawned on me, that is why we have so many people, who know their lives are meaningless, and the only way to make themselves feel better is to enforce their views on other people, even to the point of condemnation. Sometimes, I just wish everyone wore a mask, bbut they need to wear dark glasses too, because you can see all the pain, hurt, hate in peoples eyes, maybe I am better off blind, half blind is not enough to stop what eye see. too bad that most people carry around such weight in their lives, most likely the result of a life of trying to live up to modern day standards, most people do, but at what cost? I still cant stop thinking about Joe Warwick and Walter frizzell, they worked their lives away, dying at a relative young ages. This is where the truth comes in, this is all on me, that is what I see one day, the next day, I turn on my blinders, and only see the happy smiley people, that really is the trick.  Sometimes we think that moving away to another place is a good answer, but I live in this city, not for the people, that is for sure or the government, but the price was right the house was right and the location was right, the people do not seem happy as say, Gilbert or Scottsdale, but that could be an illusion of mine.

I used to want to live even further out of town, but after hearing about all the meth heads and thievery, not to mention the rattlesnakes, human and real. I think it safer in town, I have had somethings here, motorcycle stolen out of front yard, truck stolen out of driveway, my nikon lens stolen out of my car the most recent. tools stolen out of my truck, they even stole some lumber that was left over from a job. We came up with a solution for more privacy,  we are going to plant some more bougainvillea in the front yard as a screen. mind your own business and you wont be minding mine.