IF IT DONT MIND, IT DONT MATTER, uhhh…. something like that

so, I am in day 4, feeling the ketosis kick in, like a high, mild brain change, anyway, instead of going in to the benefits, I will just post them from someone else site, no sense in reinventing the wheel https://thatgreenlyfe.com/what-happens-to-your-body-during-a-water-fast/ very good info there.

I am currently looking into biases, it seems like a simple word, but a bias, can be confusing. are we all biased, yes most definitely.

how do we not be biased? I have no fucking idea.

I do know, it is nice to be liked, but when you have to join in on a bias, to be liked, count me out. group bias the worst.

free thinker, thinks alone. I can like people with biases, but can they like me, if I do not join in?

try try try, cry cry cry.

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