Well  last night had a  slip, ate an avocado, 4 slices of dave’s bread/with butter and some grapes, but  I feel fine, no remorse, hiked up a mountain yesterday, well not a big mountain but a nice workout, still lifting, still stuck at between 175 and 180, actually feel pretty good at this weight, but still have a small kangaroo pouch, it is pesky for sure, that belly fat is poisonous to men, at least that is the consensus, lifting today, thinking about switching to a fat fast, oh yeah had a small handful of macadamia too, they are par tof the fat fast, I first learned of it from the Atkins diet, many moons ago, works great, not much hunger, need to get some sardines, I feel good, the hard part is not eating while doing computer work, it can be brutal, but drinking green tee, and coffee, helps and I have some Organic chicken/beef broth, that taste good heated up, almost like a soup, and if I am really suffering (whimp) I can have a hot tumeric or cumin, but my favorite is hot coffee with cinnamon and 100% dark chocolate no sweetener except of half and half


A nice big rib eye sounds great right NOW, patience, oh I have been looking at some cool sites on INstagram, they are drying Ugruk on a drying rack, I really want to eat some, I thought of trying to ask for some, not sure if that would be rude or not 🙂  ugruck seal meat, I would really like to eat some whale too, after all I am 5/16 Eskimo, not sure if it is yupik, Inuit or inupiat, but I did find some 100% full blooded  Inupiat on Ancestry, so even that would be the one, I think eye scared her off, but at least got one response, I still need to investigate that story some more, my great grandmother was full blooded too. such a diverse background I have. well hopefully I get a demo permit monday, the wolves are not far away, when all the biden jobs coming, all I am getting is shisters and low ballers.  I am going to have to pull a rabbit out of my ass to make any money on this project, hopefully I can just pay my bills, all I can do is plunder ahead

My stoic side is getting better, but it is a battle, there are so many things that address this issue, Emotional intelligence is far more important than any other “smarts” if only I had learned this at a young age, but no regrets, I Shall survive