Ok the fast, has turned into a nighttime intermittent fast, I have been unable or unwilling to make it through the night without eating something, last night it was and avacado, some sardines, macadamia nuts  and some guzzles of almond milk, I was so tempted to have a butter sandwich, but was able to avoid the bread and butter trap, woke up with a headache, but that is normal for me anymore, its more of a dull ache in my hippocampus, I think it has to do with my pituitary, but have no clue, and doctorless, clueless at this time, but I fee pretty healthy besides that, I know probably the next  thing, I will be diagnosed with brain cancer and a month to live, what then, well time to meet my maker, what else is there, maybe bddddd thats all folks,  that my friend, is they way my mind thinks,  or is it even me?  hahahahaha I am almost back to 170, I think even with this nighttime fast I can still get down to 160, I had no idea, it was so much harder to lost that little pouch, as compared to my giant pouch, that was easy, it gets harder with lots of blubber, and getting closer, it is harder, maybe it does not help that my body looks ok, not 20, but good for 58, but I really hate the look of that cellulite on my belly, and that is the poison, belly fat, stubborn fat, it looks gross too, but on a high note, I can see a slight outline of the lowest ab muscle now, covered in a small pouch of cellulite poison fat. well I have to get cracking on those drawings, going to have to add lots of notes and details, the easy part, dealing with people, not so easy, the old saying nice guys finish last is so true, the only way you get shit done is  by “not being a door mat”  they will walk right all over you