well, we survived to day 2, the biggest issue on New years was the complaints about fireworks. I usually do not post on these neighborhood deals, but it was new years. The post referred to all the fireworks going off and how it was affecting the vets, pets and children, I responded with HAPPY NEW YEAR, to an already saturated post of one side or the other, from on end of the spectrum to the other, one side going as far as to vote to make it a crime to set off fireworks, the other side, calling the other a bunch of “Karens”, some were offended by my “happy New year”, but in reality I dont like the noise either, but as many others mentioned, it is usually only once a year, the 4th and new years. my own perspective is when we are in our own homes, we should not have to constantly worry about offending the neighbors, always worried about offending them or living your life up to their standard, and this is just an occasional celebration, maybe with a few birthdays or whatever the celebration, I know the dogs suffer in some cases, we had a dog that would shake and shake, terrified, the whole time, that and thunder, which would be hard to get a law to outlaw thunder :/ our new set of dogs, well they did not seem to notice much, except on of them had his head on my leg during the most intense session closest to midnight. I feel their pain, I really do, but like most of life, this is a pimple in the cancer of our lives, did any dogs die? vets jump off a high building, or child become insane? I think not, I slept good, except for the final burst, but was back asleep soon after. On the flip side, what about the bad year most of us had, dealing with Covid and all the bullshit, seems like a good time to get out and have some fun with the family blowing off fireworks right, much less intrusive than the dogs that incessantly bark every night, or in our case the neighbor that turn on his leaf blower daily sending all the weeds and seeds everywhere, not to mention the loud noise, or working on his cars on a daily basis, no these are not done to hurt anyone, uh, well neither is the leaf blowing or car working, its just life being lived, pesky, sure, but nothing to cry over.  maybe it makes them feel better knowing someone else is suffering too? i hope it didn’t ruin their night, because I think they have more problems if that is the case. maybe they need a journal like mine 🙂  I know I like to complain on here, but not to anyone in particular, sometimes I just make stuff up, not what bothers me, but what I see, I accept that life is not fair, yet I had a fair life, all things considered, I lived a good life, and hope to keep on doing so. I like to write my thoughts, yet I know they are sometimes garbled, but really this is not so much as a proclamation as a self awarness and my little journal.  Today is really cold, I took rhaegar for his walk (more like run, I on rollerblades, him pulling, 2 miles) it was fa fa freezing, my hand were feeling the pain, I always say, when your hot, it may be uncomfortable, but when your cold, it is painful, fell down, but that was from the new wheels and perhaps a little to do with being chilly.

the streets are empty, but should get busier as it warms up.

O O, I was going to mention, my Aunt Julie had  died yesterday of lung cancer  

she was alway pretty and sweet.   much too young to leave us, her daughter is getting married, I am sure she would have loved to go there, we have little to connect our families anymore. I wish I could have said goodbye before she got sick, I have not seen her in many, many years, perhaps since my and Sweet Mary’s second nuptials. When I think of them, it always reminds me of my uncle fred, a kodiak fisherman, who died while I was fishing in Kodiak. it was big new then, they made the fisherman’s memorial in the small boat harbor, mainy the the local pilot that also died, and local fisherman, but in retrospect, he was probably more local than any of them, he was a generational Alaskan, but like the scottish, it only matters, where you are today.
RIP uncle fred & Aunt Julie, may your souls be connected in the great beyond.