Life and death is an inevitable fact of this great thing we have been blessed with called life, somehow we must come to some kind of acceptance, that life is not fair, at least for some, and it is never easy, especially when it comes as a a surprise of or too soon,  We have had many pets, and my heart aches for all of them, I remember we had this pup, I named her Sally, we were living in Gilbert Arizona, she was a pretty lab pup, she died in my Arms, I felt powerless as she passed, much too soon, my eyes welled up, and short of wailing, I was heartbroken, we had anther Dog, Arnold, a german shepard, he too passed as a pup, I never really got to know either of these two pups, they passed way before their prime, or even before they could make us mad at them, the parvo had taken them both, but what about a pet that lives well into middle age, that is Oscar, our silent killer survivor CAT, cats have a limited history, or short history at our house, and we have been hesitant to get more cats, we have 3 now, including oscar, but we have lost many, cats, one killed right in front of us by a super friendly pit bull, another poisoned by a neighbor or something, anther his guts ripped out by a bobcat, another a coyote, we had decided, that all of our Cats, become house cats only, yet Oscar defied the odds, he would scream and yell to escape confinement, he would bring back birds, alive and kill and eat them before our eyes, he was not feral, he was the beast cat, lizards, ground squirrels, no creature was immune to his carnivorous genes, he would disappear for weeks at a time, we often thought maybe a coyote or hawk had gotten him, but he would show up out of thin air, often fatter than when he left, this last time, he came home thin and subdued, this was not our Oscar, but we were happy to have him back, We just thought he had retired from the hunt, 8+ years old, he is an old man, as cats go in our house, he had recently quit eating, skin and bones, not even his favorite temptation, could get his blood pumping, a trip to the vet revealed a tumor.  Now, maybe we are a cruel and unusual punishment type family, but we have had this  thing, where we dont trust the Vets, its a life force, We let nature run its course, unless of course, we have assurances and the VET is the last place you can go to get that, they have big chargers and their whole business model is just like the humans, money, money money, not to say they not caring, but they are a business, perhaps we should get insurance for every pet, would be a devil advocate, but we give them good lives, we spoil them rotten, So many pets out there abused and neglected, our pets live better than most humans. I still remember all my pets and they are a joy, long after they have passed to the nether world, or Pet heaven, it reminds me of beign on chemo, how life was no fun anymore, to live like that is not to live, no we all have  an expiration, acceptance of that does not mean you do not love them. I have a stiff upper lip mentality, but each time, my heart breaks forever until the next time, if a human lives to be 80, with pets the whole time, that is 80 lifetime of pets, give or take a centon. that does not make it any easier, I have thought if my time is up… the last thing I want is to die in a hospital, yet I know, that fate controls that, not eye.

update: we took Oscar to the pearly gates in the sky, rip great Cat, sad, but he had a full life, and had taken many critters with him, he was a Viking Cat