I feel kind of melancholy today, and yet I a not sure if eye know what that word means;)

big day ahead crushing a brick wall, I keep wanting to make Construction videos, but when I think about it, it will just slow me down, my mission get the job done, get paid. simple, but eventually I would like to share my experience of contracting, tips and all that jazz, and safety

but since I am going to be sledgehammering a block wall today, that will have to wait.  You know I feel a little guilty about slamming the dems and republicans, because we all just want to belong, and be proud of our beliefs, and really I do not believe much anymore. I do believe our healthcare is geared toward profit, and not prevention and cause of effect. free healthcare in the present system would be a nightmare, lines a mile long. blah blah. I am also convinced that we are an unhealthy society, and there is not end in sight. Programmed at an early age to eat anything that taste good without regard to its content, leading down and emotion path that resembles a roller coaster. how do you get off? you dont, you ride it until you die. it will take much more than just a diet, you will have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, am I happy eating like a pig? well I was, I love eating everything, gobble gobble gobble, and with all that food, I stuffed my feeling end emotion down deeper only to explode eventually or come out in some other way. I am gaining control over my emotions and my eating, maybe never make it 100% but I feel I am in control of my actions.

I see fat people and I feel bad for them, it is just as much a problem as any drug addiction, perhaps worse, it is condoned across America, Obesity is the New 50, ahahhahahahhaha ok I’m  a jerk,  I see skinny people in amazement, how have they managed to keep slim? how? it has taken me a radical thinking change, white knuckle ride, and still the pouch persist. Unfortunately these people are in the minority, I want to know what drives them, many eat crappy unhealthy food, yet they are skinny, but is that healthy? I think you can eat whatever you want, as long as your in a deficit, or a non gain scenarios. I have great energy, but I did regress to my famous butter sandwich last night, like a pacifier, it feeds the beast within. you know I Like to be liked, but really it only matters if they like me back, if not, so be it, let it be said, let it be done, “ten commandments, Ramsey” excited the kids are coming home, brining thier squeezes, Sweet Mary is so excited, she cant sleep.

O and for you Right and left wingers, keep on keeping on, you have to belong to something, and have to hate someone, I guess, its the American way, and to my Immigrant friends, no offense, I just believe they should take care of the people that are already here, before, they bring in cheap labor, or skilled or PHD, and another thing, they should give full citizenship status to anyone who has successfully complete a stint in our military, to deport a soldier that has given and oath, is, and should be repugnant to anyone who has half a brain.