oh, have to go, but I was thinking about what I sed about no pills and treating mental anguish of all kinds, it would be hypocritical of me not to clarify, I have used drugs in one way or another my whole life, legal, prescribed and might not even be here today without using them, I was more talking about ME, and where I am today, which has been a long road, from booze, clonazepam, prosaic, and marijuana, a long road and  some overeating, oCd  and many other coping, so in clarification, whether your poison distracter be porn, heroin or twinkies, I not judging, we all have our paths, I am just glad where my path is now. my bestest distracter has been running and hiking and still to this day, nothing beats being on in the Great outdoors and seeing the birds bees flowers and trees, so please if anyone reads my bullshit, do not be offended or take it personal, it is only personal to ME