distractions, can be pesky to say the least, and cause problems, I was the distraction today. I was taking the dogs on thier rollerblade run to the local park, and came across a hawk attacking a blackbird, he swooped down and grabbed him with his talons, in a flash, took him to the ground and was about to kill him, I yelled, “HEY, LEAVE THAT BIRD ALONE” and with that, the blackbird flew away, the hawk, or perhaps an eagle, he was a huge bird, anyway, I said as he landed on the nearest light pole, looking down on me with bewilderment, I mused to him, not on my watch, I dont want to watch you kill a bird,  you will get another one. He will, I see bird wings everywhere, and hawks have been in the area for quite sometime now, much more than i ever remember, we had the turkey vultures for awhile, but not too many around now, the rabbit population is pretty low, compared to mid summer and spring, the easy picking rabbits are all gone, I see them out only in early morning hours anymore, hey one just ran out front, well they survive, but them and the squeaky’s (Arizona brown squirrel) are easy Pickens for birds of prey and coyotes.

I started this new job,  was a tough couple of days, actually 3, but who is counting, Sweet Mary no like, when I out on weekends, or does she 🙂  HA

anyway, It was a learning experience, Most of my projects have been on newer homes, or at least not in the 70’s, anyway they used to run hot wires in the ground, no conduit, just a sheathed wire, but not much, bad news, and the locaters have a hard time locating them, because of the small wire, that is sheathed, that was a distraction, but for the better found  a better spot to attach to the existing sewer drain, and not all drains are 4″ but to my suprise, they were using ABS in the 70’s, wow, that was a nice find, but on the other hand, I also hit the supply, and my quick fix did not work, but I was working on the case, but my customers were traumatized by lack of running water and being able to flush, if I was smart, I would have had them flush the toilets, and then turn off the water, you will see why 🙁  but anyway, the pex connection did not work, I did not want to buy another torch, so I was going to have a plumber come solder, but the customer hired one out of desperation, I hate plumbing, well, not hate, but it is very pesky, shark bites are good, when they work, but sometimes, you just need to solder, anyway, this plumber charges them almost 500 bucks to solder 2 exposed pipe together,  3ft, a straight run. (yes, I am  venting) he also solder on a riser, wtf, why? he was a service plumber, that is why, there is not reason to run a whole line to the new addition, as you can just tap in at the water heater, you have to go there anyway, you would if you were going to go back to the meter with a new 1″ line, that would be an upgrade in service, but splitting a 3/4″ does nothing to add better pressure, I had once looked up if adding a 1″ line to a 3/4″ but it seems that it still could only push 3/4…  Ok well here is the kicker, why if I ever have to do this again. I was low on dough, and I do not like to spend too far ahead or charge too far ahead of my work, that can be a big mistake. I have never required a large down payment,  I do for plans, especially when the customer has a tendency to change their mind or sounds wishy washy.  so my fist day on the job, I was going to lay out the project and start getting ready for concrete  and underground, but the whole side of the house was filled without previous construction junk and discarded household junk, pretty much a junkyard, so I bit the bullet and loaded it all up and took it to the dump. well that my first clue, I could be in for trouble. the worst part was after telling the occupants, not to use the toilet, well I showed up in the morning and a load of piss and toilet paper came out. o shit, at least it wasn’t fecal matter!  so this service clown of a plumber, had to reweld his own fittings a few times, and ended up with 6 joints in 3 ft, anyway, it is what it is, lol.  anyway, anyway the drain still needed to be fixed, i had already bought the pipe and parts, and was almost done, when the plumber had me waiting for him to finish, so I used the excavator to pull up a bunch of unwanted concrete and cacti, when he finally finished, I got back to repairing the drain, with a temp ABS with some fernco underground connectors, when all of a sudden I hear a whoosh!! it was a big pile of wet shit and toilet paper and piss, nightmare, what does a contractor do? shovel out some shit, or say fuck it, get a plumber pay another grand, you know, I really dont like to see my customers get fleeced, but I am sure it happens all the time, so I try to do what I can to help them get the best prices and deals, but they did not even bother to ask me about he plumber and perhaps, it was on purpose, at least very negligent, I know they are someone’s kids, not mine, and at least 30 ish.  I think some people just think, just because you are nice, that you are also stupid, I try to be stoic, but the problem is I also need to make some money, so far not too good, after renting equipment, gas and all expenses, I am back to where I started, not only that the main tiger decides to call me up and read me the riot act, about how they cant used their driveway, how they are going to just bury the “GIANT HOLE IN THIER YARD, BECAUSE THE NEIGBORS ARE GOING TO SUE” wow, and not only that, if they have to pay too much for a plumber, “someone is not going to get paid” meaning me. the fangs came out, well I knew they were there, but no surprise, and it is mostly my own doing, I know better than to call or answer the phone, when in the middle of working, I have little patience at that moment, it is hard work, and you need to keep on the ball, mistakes happen, not fun, but you work through it, not the time to put on my customer service hat, and explain, that I bid the job for specific tasks, that is the contract, if you want a full service everything included, the price will be twice as much and if you want to dictate construction speed and time, that will cost more too, I remember when I got a bid to dig my pool and the contractor said they need another 1500 because it was a hard dig, I dug it myself, anyway I do try not to do that, but it is always and option, when you see they may be a shark. well I got he majority of the trench dug and laid out. the other thing,  I did not notice, they wanted to have the occupants as a go between, so that is really bad news,  so I tell them, they tell the Mark, and then the mark tells them, and the the occupant gets back to me, that is another road to disaster, I am really dumb sometimes, these are all like the hawk and blackbird, you see, the hawk was focused on that blackbird, but distracted from his mission, the blackbird is still flying around, and the hawk’s search continues, same thing, different species. So I can make money on the work I bid, but not fi if they expect a full service. the other thing, but I try to do my best to help them, but when they just hire without any consultation, it makes little sense to waste time finding them a contractor, it takes time, and experience to get the right man, that can do the job right, they will all say they can:/  ok that is enough venting for today. it is turkey week, celebration of taking the Northern Hemisphere from the indigenous people and creating the greatest empire on EArth, after all we gave them fry bread, the healthiest most expensive food there is!!  we made them fat dumb and happy, like feeding the chickens.