ok, I am horrible at song words, it sounds right in my head, well it is good enough for me. I have a pet peeve, well, many pet peeves, my biggest pet Peeve, is when someone tells me how to think, whether it is religion ,politics or anything for that matter, that is why I am hesitant to say, what I think, it is in no way, implied or expressed, that because I think or feel is in any way, Implying that your or anybody else should think the same way. That was a mouth full. I have been holding onto my Christian faith for most of my life, yet have many times been questioned by other, because I do not practice it as they do. I am sorry, but in my faith, that breaks one of the most important concepts as I believe them, though shall love thy neighbor, or judge not lest you be judged, we all go before the almighty to be judged before God, not joe bible or suzy preacher, Before God. My only memorized scripture or palm, not sure the difference, but John 3:16

I learned the hard way, that there will be people telling you your whole life, do this! don’t do that! , it gets worse when they say you can not to that! sometimes, I take that as a challenge, most times, I just think to myself, You don’t know me, and if you did, you would know that I am not handcuffed by your opinions, and value them less, as you open your mouth, (I know sounds a little spiteful) There will always be distractors and detractors, it is the way it is. There will always be someone to knock you off your pedestal, if you choose that route.

To say that this has always been my thinking, no way Jose! NO quite to the contrary. I was fueled by emotion, almost a blind emotion. My big epiphany, came after my cancer, it was probably the single most Important life changing event of my life. Before this event, I was driven to work and push, and stressed, but your know what, all the stress almost killed me. Cancer and death and disease come from stress, and are only exacerbated by diet and DNA, big words? you say? yes of course. The days of running 3 to 6 miles to beat down stress are gone, it worked, or praying on a daily basis, it worked too. Focusing my emotions and to remember that “this too shall pass” the good times will not last, the bad times will not last. I must keep working on me, that is the only thing that fixes me. is to fix me, my thinking, they used to say “stinking thinking” in AA, some if not all those quotes ring true, even to this day, I have not been to an AA meeting in 23 years, but the 12 steps, are a vital part of my life today, the most important, is knowing when, things just are not under my control, and if they were, they may become a burden, so it is God’s will, I know that I am somewhat of a pacifist Christian. The whole religion was born from Catholicism, which some of the other sects wish to vilify, to which end? I have no Idea, more donations, or control. We are all Americans, Can we unite on that front? ok, next blurb….