Ok, been slacking in my new lifestyle diet, I am blaming this computer work and the stress of dealing with a Nonsense, bullshit city, this job is not as complicated as their expensive degrees cost,
the more I think about it, especially after driving through the Mega Campus, they call ASU, the money spent on their Palace of stone, could be put to use building Online schools for all people. The Age of control through limited education is coming to an end. The sooner the better. Ok that is enough, I feel a little better, but have to get back to cracking, so far there have been quite a few bids, but not many hits, usually if they dont hire me, it does not get done, I have been hearing prices of 160 a square ft., and I am still hovering around 100, but that is with me doing most of the work, cut out the middle man. the labor is not the real work, it is the figuring it all out, figuring is all the project. Makes it much harder when your under a paper pusher constraints, I do have a bid on Friday out in my neck of the woods, perhaps I should work to close a deal:p some projects, are sketchy at best, do not need another cancer maker, I have become much better at predicting the stress level of projects. blah blah blah, do I want some cheese with my whiner, ahhahahahhahah ok, I know I need to buckle down. I have it pretty good, I can not imagine being back on the slave ship, working for the man, and competing with a bunch of Amigos 🙂 on a good note, I am getting better at this new version of autoCad, lots of bells and whistle’s compared to version 13, my first exposure, but I do not think I wan to do this work fulltime, it is ok, now and then, but gets me hungry and makes me excrete cortisol, how do I know? I can feel it, just as I can feel calories burning off, I can feel my body, retaining them, we have great machines, listen to them and live a good life, I am treating it right, just a little too much, been eating lots of grapes, they have some good ones at Costco. The New Autocad I can import a pdf and it turns it into editable drawings. hopefully I will finish these drawing today or tomorrow. still have to do electrical calc and some Iso bullshit, say CHEESE