So many choices for food these days. so many diets. I had been all in on the Keto diet to jump-start my weight loss in the past and it has worked well each time, but eventually, life’s stressors and boredom had doomed me. recently I have signed up for great courses, an online depository of lectures by learned professionals. One of the courses was about restricted calorie diets. they claim that life span is increased by 35% for those that adhere to a calorie-restricted diet, WOwzer!

This diet has no restrictions on type of food, just restricted calorie intake. I am still adhering to only Natural foods, or whole foods, no breads, sugar or processed meats, although, bacon is delicious, I try to eat non-nitrate.

This whole restricted diet had been in my crosshairs for quite some time. I mean in ancient history people did not eat as they do now, and if you think about it, how did the Vikings travel across the sea, they must have been starving most of the time, or at the very least restricted diets. Modern man has become fat and lazy, compared to ancient peoples. We have developed some taste foods over the years in being able to feed people on a mass scale, but should we have? just think about 35% if normally you would have lived to be 50 that would mean 67 years an increase of 17 years, that is substantial. for me, it is a no brainer, as my cancer adventure lost at least 10 years, and that is just my own estimate, at least 10 years.

I became disillusioned many years ago, I was working at a hospital in the IT department and ballooned up to 235, it was my heaviest ever, working construction and as a commercial fisherman, gave me some bad habits, One of them is eating fast, and too much. Well, too much if you’re under Net 16 hours a day or in the skiff, or on deck, or just having enough energy to work all day, but an office or computer job, well you don’t burn fuel, you store fat, so I got fat, Working in a hospital, I figured it was a good idea to ask a dietitian, well that was as clear as mud 🙁 The United states pie chart had grain as the food you should consume the most of, white bread? it was unclear.

here it is pasta crackers and the such Our govenment enticing to make you and me Fat

That was my ideal eating program. I have since sworn off glutens, and grain, except on special occasions. there is one other documentary that had a profound effect on my thinking, it was about how most of the water and grain produced is to feed cows. One of the greatest pollutants in modern times is cow gas. Now, most people are going no f&^*ing way dude. I know, let’s talk about some of the tasty foods, that I consider poison. spaghetti, is one that comes to mind. nothing more fun or taste than some noodles flopping on your fork, with some great sauce, also full of sugar. or one of my past favorites Peroc, not sure how it is spelled, essentially a fish pie. We grew up eating tortilla with butter sugar and cinnamon, I did not know it, but it was a Norwegian thing. where they got tortilla, I have no idea, always thought that it was south of our border thing. how about cereal, Capt Crunch, even cheerios, which are supposed to be whole grain, but laden with sugar. Most people about this time are saying are you out of your fn mind? maybe, but maybe not. One thing that I have noticed is that when I am on a fast, or calorie restriction, food that normally is not very palatable to me, becomes taste. Imagine starving and you see a plump frog or lizard, they become food. now some say, I would not do that, never. that has been said before, by many people, that brings me to the story of the plane that crashed in the Andes, they were starving and about half said they would never eat human flesh, yet when all was said and done, they all ate the flesh of their fellow soccer people, the ones that did not survive, they were the ones that held on to their beliefs of not eating another human. they eventually did, but it was too late, the ones that thrived, were eating the meat off the skulls. a horrific story, but it shows what man incapable of extreme times. One of the biggest injustice and perhaps a sign of our blindness is the Indian fry bread, touted as traditional Native food, this was a food created to mass feed Indians taken from their traditional lands and their natural food source killed off, on purpose. We wonder why obesity is so widespread. We are just sheep of the power that plans the future. we are locked into a life of unhealthy foods, which all lead to obesity and disease. the sad part is that we are teaching our children to eat and think this way.

We all have heard the term “fat dumb and happy” well it is more true that you think, One thing that was also a benefit of a restricted-calorie diet, was brain function was improved, and the risk of dementia-related disease was reduces, for me, that is enough, My dad died in a dementia facility, the effects were awful. he actually forgot how to walk, at one point they had him so drugged up, he did not recognize me. I halted all non-essential drugs, he was lucid after that and ended up choking on processed foods with a heart attack. I wish I had the knowledge of food, then. I have been eating canned mackerel, salmon, steaks, salads, and some fruits, very little as a treat, I have been cutting down my milk consumption, which has not been easy, it is my ice cream these days, liquid ice cream. well, that is it for my diet rant, many more videos to watch, I’m mostly interested in brain health.