the year 2020 for 20 20 vision?

just got finished voting for “the Donald” I voted for him, not for his character, but for the economy, I voted out of concern for our imediate future, in 2006, I voted for Obama, the focus was on healthcare, when jobs were shit and people were losing their homes, our house went down to almost 100k, now it is up close to 300k. that is easy math

Construction jobs are plentiful, still even during the pandemic. I voted for the Trump policies of putting Americans first, not just white Americans, but all America. I can see that if Biden wins, it will be 4 years of blaming Trump, the trump scapegoat, for bloated government. they pay people to manage other people, I see this in construction all the time, the managers? little construction knowledge, create more cost to the contractor and customer. that is why I voted for Trump

I think that politics is evil, like when a cop joint the force, they have good intentions, until they are exposed the the culture of shoot first ask questions later, but the same applies to politionans, Perhaps not on the scale that you hear about the Police. I think much more looking for control notoriety, not helping the people, this is true in all politics. it is not about helping other, it is about helping yourself.

I do believe in gay rights, but it is nota reason for me to vote for a president. How about abortion, this is also not a reason for my vote, I do believe a woman’s right to an abortion in rape, incest, or other horrible acts, but as a contraceptive, it should not be free or paid for by the government. They need more education and a focus on educating children. these issues are for some primary, not me, I do believe we need to keep moving to a real equality in our world, but Americans first. Native Americans should come before any other group, White man came and raped the land. the rape is real.

life is good, hopefully it stays that way, and prepare for WAR

ok, so maybe not WAR, but some more sheanigins, A circus of sorts. who actually will be against who, DEMS vs REP, black vs white

gay vs straight? poor vs rich

The bigger question to ask, who has time to go out and protest all the time, the last thing I want to do after working all day is to stand around with a sign, well maybe if it is one of those homeless signs, I may need one if Biden wins, but maybe it will be for the good of the country, after he kicks the bucket, we will have our first Women President, then we can start working on a Native President, if they get a chance to live and learn, like the status quo

No, if war comes, it will be from the EAST, China and Russian War, at the start of War, every man woman and child, should get into the mountains, as far away from military bases, that is where the American resistance shall begin, if were invaded, and we survive the fallout


We live are lucky to live in the most powerful Nation on this Earth, we can do better for everyone, but big government does not work. dumb waste of money. Everybody knows about the 5 guys standing around, while 2 workers are in the hole digging, it is real