Remembering the past is a pastime for me, sometimes it will be a relative, and sometimes just a random person that I worked with or went to school with, just to think back and at my mindset in those times. I know that even though I have transitioned to a better me, I also know the path was not a clear one. recently I was tested and failed. there are always wildcards in every situation, how to plan for unknown wildcards? I have know Idea 🙁 lucky for me, my list is large and getting larger. I have written my whole story over the years, often deleted by me, after knowing, anything you say, can and will, be used against you, know, not just in court, but the court of others, but I have decided to throw caution to the wind. yes it it true, how long this little piece of direction change.

I know that I will be judged on my womanizing, violence’s, and lack of character in some situation, and even my lack of remorse at the me of the past, but that was me, it got me to where I am today, where the hell is that? you may ask? I am at a place of reflection and contemplating how to finish this story, well not this story, but mine, we all have a story, mine, yours, theirs, everyone’s, they are yet to be written, but we do have some input on how they turn out

I really do look fondly on most everyone I have ever known, and appreciate all my fb friends and love the world, I have forgiveness in my heart for all that have wronged me, although I do have spikes of venomous thoughts, these are muted in the joy of just being alive, and not letting negative thinking rue the day.