This one is a tough one, this little diddy is all about faith and Religion, put myself right out there. I have been claiming that I am a Christian for as long as I can remember, I do not go to church or even read the bible. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior, what does that mean to me? Not sure, but it works for me. I have to tell the truth here, when I hear people talking about the bible or reciting bible quotes, I am a little put off by this, not towards them, well….. not really, I know it is my own thinking that carries me through all stages of my life, but it is hard not be be defensive, like they are more Christian than me?

am I full of sin when I have doubts, or when I state that all Religion is not fact based but faith based. sometimes I think of it like being an alcholic who has been through the 12 steps, which have been a way of life, but in truth, I have not been to an AA meeting since after going religiously for a year, not once, I have been to church, but only a handful of times, I am not anti-church, on the contrary, just do not go to church. I mean salvation is through Jesus? right? not through scriptures of peter paul or Mary.

Am I wrong? depends who is listening.

the main features of my Christianity are forgiveness and love, it is not about sin and quotes, but love and forgiveness, and alot of that forgivness is for myself, we must forgive ourslves, we are not saints, we are human beans 🙂

We are beans, some born high, some born low, some born brown, some white. I do not aspire to be a saint, I do seek to be a better version of Me, and that comes from accepting others as they are, for trying to love everyone, not just people the same, that means everyone, that is a very hard task, as the world is full of bad apples, rotten to the core, how do we love people that seek to do us harm, or molesters, rapist, and other monsters? I can not, therefore I am flawed.

In my World, God is great, God is Good, but for me to use him as my personal springboard is not my style, I mean, I know you can expand your business, your social life and standing. I do believe that God helps those that help themselves, what does this mean to me? it means that God helps them that help themselves

I am hopeful for sure, I mean to think at death, we cease to exist is a hard pillow to swallow, that sometimes has me thinking that we are hardwired to believe in some sort of God, right? they had the sun god, which in truth, gives us all light and life. big ball of fire in the sky keeping us warm, now that can be a God? I am thankful for being born with Jesus as a guide to life, one of my favorite movies, The Ten Commandments, love that movie. I am that I am

love acceptance and forgiveness, that is my whole Christian philosophy, driven by only the lords prayer and fear of God.

I have been perfected on a religious level several times over the years, for my haphazard views, but I stand firm in that God is righteous and forgiving of rouges such as myself, that he will let me in the Kingdom of heaven, despite my lack of bible knowledge or public displays, for it is faith, that means not fact, who am i to say what is real, if god want me to see and know, he will show me, dont think I have not tried, but I stand firm in my belief, regardless of other views on the subject.

let me tell a story, I have been on Jesus and Christmas, which are all Christian themes. I had a thought when raising our kids, I thought it was important that they had God in their lives. MY thought: how can we get our kids to belive in God, when the first thing we do is “sell Santa Clause” to them hook line and sinker? here we are, they are sponges, and we are telling them a know lie, what does me do? I decide to tell them Santa is not real, I do think that this helped them all become free thinkers, but missed the boat completely. which I am grateful. I still keep an open mind, but until the light goes out, my hope and prayers will be on Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven

what is heaven like? we can only guess..I mean if all our fears, are gone, what is the joy in living? would we be even human, flawed creatures that we are? no wants, no fears, no anger, nothing but spock? is that it? I do not know, but these are just a few of my questions

ok that is enough praise the lord, sing to the lord. I love the songs, why do they have to have sermons, they should just have a church that just sings praise.