good morning

So.. today I want to discuss a perfect world, what would that lookike? Not sure, but I have a few ideas, We live in a world that is geared toward work work work, we get born into a “station in life” and circumstance. Is this a natural life? Not so sure anymore, famies are broken up or disinigrate unless you have “station” enough to keep them together. We are geared toward building another empire, with no real roadmap towards the future, I mean long term, like what happens when the earth explodes, how long will it last, are humans the fulcrum that pushes it over the edge? How long untill fossil fuels run out? There will be war, unless the future is addressed, this pandemic has spotlighted a few things for me, we ARE SHEEP, unless your pelosi, or Trump. We are wasting our resources like a child, indiscriminately and justifiably, me included, all these people that work from home should, traffic fuel and quality of life, time commuting. Social distancing should be the norm, as with cleanliness, I had reservations about eating out, in the past, I always checked to see if the table was clean, most has residual crap on them, harmless muck? Perhaps. Recently bought as steak and it had a hair in it. Who knows what goes on in the kitchen, coughing sneezing on food or just a loudmouth sputtering germs as they talk, maybe now they will take it more serious, but also sheep do not think, they follow. The lack of empathy for others is evident everywhere you look, look like me think like me or be adjuticated or labeled undesirable, I’m not saying g it is easy fix ding your way in this machine that was created for us by our predecessors, or was it created for who? Who I as us? We like to label and put everyone in a nice category, I even see lots of self labeling, which seems detrimental, what is the end game? Or what is expected? Survival? Yes, we are programmed to survive, just like all of the other creatures on this earth, that is humans have claimed as Ours, we claimed it, fought over it, divided it up, so it’s ours. Do we think as it as a part of us to be taken care of or to use it up? We have decimated populations of animals and bugs alike, who cares they are bugs, yes I still all bugs and animals, but this does not make it right,Did God put all of this on earth for us to decimate? It is a fine line we walk. What is the end game here, the way it is working is, we need.population growth to sustain our empires, where does it end? War? Famine? Disease? Do we build spaceships and look for other planets to decimate? The Wars are coming, that is inevetiible, unless the mentality is changed, command and conquer has been the norm, We started out Hunter gatherers, do you think they were obese? Ha unlikely. We’re they happy healthy safe, most likely, not. That’s what we came from, now we look at phones eat whatever we want whenever we want, are our jobs more stressful than hunting and gathering? We are born into this work work work machine, we have been genetically programmed to have extreme endurance, yet that is not what our lives consist of looking at screen eating Cheerios and bagels, we wonder why some people have adjustment to the machine problems, perhaps when you conquer and assimilate It would be a good idea to have a plan for our existence not justbuilding empires