Laurel and hardy fun slapstick comedy of the past.  This duo reminds me of what is going on in my noggin half the time, like the little devil on your shoulder, ying, or yang, trying to find out who is really controlling Richard? not so much controlling my physically, but my thinking. sure we can say we have control over our own thinking, but do we? really? I sure dont fucking think so. I  mean, if we were living on an island, without out anther human, we would still be “controlled” by our environment, rainy days, sunny days, bugs, no bugs… we are reactionary creatures, that is all there is too it. Being able to get a grasp of this helps find peace. The biggest problem is we are all different monkeys of a different path, I guess that is why people huddle together in their groups, a safety net, but really is it safe? as long as you toe the line. I feel like i am rambling, but I just went though a mental wreck and it was not pretty, I mean except for Covid, and a night in 2 hospitals, it was business as usual. I reinforced my dislike of hospitals and the doctors, nurses and the whole shit show. yeah they a necessary evil. well, the bullshit, I has accosted into a hospital on fear from a doctor, even though I wanted to go home, telling me I could have a heart  attack, this all seemed in order to fill up another room, was she getting a kickback? or easing her conscious in case I did drop dead of a heart attack. it was just pressure, but my mind was saying, this is Covid people younger than me are dying. but I am the “Griz” as my youngest likes to say. hahah despite cancer and all my aches and pains, I do feel invincible. I feel good today, i would say 100%  better than before even, I had ate a bunch of this stuff called Kimchi, I am hooked, it is like salsa, only better made from cabbage, I am very fond of the Korean style, it really seems to clean out my mouth and stomach, the last of the Covid, seemed to be lurking in my belly and brain, yet I feel nothing as of today. still waiting on my miracle probiotic, but not as much needed now. this probiotic is supposed to kill any lingering Covid, or long Covid, that is hanging around, I ordered some, but did now come yet, I will still take it, you never know. my body is back to being all mine mine mine.  hahah feels good to feel good.  well I have work to do, maybe a few more of these stories.. O thanks to Donnie Nearhoff, he had some good advice, Vitamin D, Querstiin and other things, I got my vitamin d outside, and never found the quercetin, but seen it was in quite few places. I think my system was working, but still got a scare from the scary doctors. I have been around long enough to know, that Doctors means nothing in some cases, they only know what they have been programmed in. but it is a great profession, I guess. saving lives, but they seem more interested in making money and booking rooms. blah blah, I hope that I do not die in a hospital, Not sure I ever want to ever go back