still hanging ton to some fat, I guess it likes me, my belly button measurement is about 38, seems like a lot, but that pouch will not recede! perhaps I am destined to live a a kangaroo pouch, but I will never give up fighting the fat that invades my body.  like a pestilence, anyway I feel good, I read something in the paper about how it is easy to love nice people,  good people and that was so true, but what about the hard to love, the curmudgeons of the world, the bitter ugly humans, not in physicals, but ugly in life. this is my struggle, to love all of life creatures, the ugly inside, not just the good mankind has to offer, of course, this is easy, or to love when your loved back. but how about people who could care less about your existence, and even the further extreme damn your existence, like say the extremes Muslims? The Stoic in me, say they are but misled by hate, just like any religious that blinds us from the truth of people, the ever telling lie that we are all created equal, in a good G0ds eye perhaps, but in society,  governments routinely decides who gets a good life and who does not. my neck hurts, must be all this negativity.   how can we turn a blind eye to the inequities, well I  will tell you, we are just glad it isnt us.  ling in in Mexico, Africa, Afghanistan all these shit holes, I guess this is a lesson in being gratitude, but truthfully, I can say, I am glad I never had to grow  up in an inner city, with the only jobs are drug dealer or a life a of crime, I know there are still success stories, but really, I have only visited these places, very few times, and they are outright scary. scary just driving through, can you imagine being a small child and that is the only life you know?