who’s on first, no who’s on second, hahah I did that in my college english class, we had to do a verbal something or another, anyway, me and my partner did the abbott and Costello skit, it was fun, and got some laughs, even for a couple rookies, that was my baseball weekend. we won our final game for 3rd place, I like baseball, but not as much anymore.  good to see some people, others, a social burden, maybe next year, maybe not, really dont like the way I feel afterward. some people just rub me the wrong way, and nothing gets my ire up more than poison amongst your own player, sometimes subtle, and other blatant, anyway, I will stay away from those monkey’s in the future, but I did meet some great people, and saw some great people. I like meeting just good old plain old good peeps;Owen; Bill my hats off to you.  I did get some bad news, Lefty died, the last time I saw him, he was still getting out playing ball at 84,  and he recently died, what a life, I think he was 86, let see if I can find it, Nope anyway Lefty Anderson passed, he will be a star in heaven, I know he was caring for his wife for many years, I chatted with him a few times, one time, I was pitching and thought I could just throw a fast ball down the pipe, well left lined one right up the middle:)  I also got to see Jose Velazquez, he has been under fire from life the last few years, he mom passed away a couple years ago, I went to the funeral, only to be told it was cancelled, he father had passed away the day of the funeral, I did not have the heart to go to the double funeral, The family was a very tight knit family, his mom would go to all our games, and she always had a smile for me. I always wanted to give her a hug, win or lose, she had the same smile, as is with the rest of the family. Jose came out to fill in we were short handed, he has kept his good nature despite the trials he has faced, and only recently he had to discover his sick daughter had passed. God works in mysterious ways, perhaps in the great beyond we will see his plan. One thing I notice is the fun of “adult” baseball has left, we used to have fans and excitement of just being on the field is enough, but never for some, you always get the dark feeling from some, when you do not meet up to their expectations, while they flounder themselves. That is not all the teams, just mine lately, I see some stands full of people, out to have a good time. celebrating life while still above ground.