Freedom is a big word, and for most of civilization it can mean, not a slave. not in shackles. On my daily jaunt the other day, I was watching a bird fly across the sky, thinking to myself, now that is freedom, true freedom. We are born into whatever life we have, born with mindsets of previous parenting, non parenting or as a reaction to whatever we have, we are pre-programed. the only true freedom is within our own minds, it is all we can control, or at least have the ability to control. it was funny too, because on the home stretch, I was going past a stranger, within a few feet, and he asks is your dog trained?  all I could think of, we are trained, how are we trained, are we trained? I do not feel free in that sense, I am trained, but is that good? IDK this just harkens back to my own thinking, I KNOW <NOTHING I still dislike the democratic left and the republican right, almost want to say I hate those people, but they are just sheep, part of the system in which they were trained, they are the extreme brainwashed humans in our society. The good news, we in the middle, make up the majority, there whole mission is to keep us in the dark. Make no mistake, we are in the dark, played against one another, whatever flavor they can think of. I feel like I am caught in the middle, yes I am a sheep too, but I try to see the truth… I try try try.  I got my booster yesterday, my arm hurts, feel a fever coming on, now I am wondering, when I need to take the Omicron shot, what a nightmare. I still believe this was all created, for some bigger purpose. We will never know, were too busy fighting over masks. The true crime is our healthcare system, PROFIT it is PROFIT BASED. like the Native Corporations. They are like the car chasing accident lawyers on TV that we are inundated with, when not being subjected to the abused dogs and crippled children, this all severs their purpose to keep us grateful.  Try to talk prevention with a doctor is like saying your taking a trip to the moon tomorrow.  The PRESS, the press SUCKS, worst public bullshit I have ever seen. Did you see the guy in a stroller or wheelchair type scooter get shot in the back 9 fucking times? did you really? what the fuck, is that the people you fucking hire?  I not a cop, and I do see lots of situations where they need to be smart, but a man in a stroller, you are kidding me, that cop a murderer, I could have kicked that stoller over, if that was the intent to stop him from strolling away. the press, they did not even bother to say whether he was crippled, old why was he in a stroller? they need to pay these cops more money, was he shoplifting or was it just another bullshit clerk, on the way out, After you already paid, asking for receipt, when I give you money and finish the transaction, it is mine, i have walked right past those people too, your accusing me of stealing, now if like Costco, it is every customer that gets stopped, then ok, but really it is a fucking bullshit tool, if Costco did not have such good deals…. 9 times, did he leave on in the clip for himself?  the left are the communist, Lenin, Stalin, Mao tung, the right are Hitler Mussolini and the Japanese supreme commander. that is your blueprints, Once the Commies get in, your screwed, and Once the Nazi’s take over, your exterminated, I know I would not past the white enough muster, to the gas chamber with me. No we must Embrace the Democratic system of “We the PEOPLE” that is our only chance, we must do away with health care for profit, and Schools for only the super rich, we all deserve a good life, whatever you choose. We must put American before foreigners, train Americans for the high paying jobs, let them also do the food supply, create combines for healthy food.  my arm hurts, and feel a fever coming on, have to tear down a  block wall today.  So answer me this “PRESS”  are the same people making millions off of these vaccines the same people that are creating over the counter products that are giving people cancer, prescription drugs and devices that are killing people? Answer me that BATMAN

that was my rant for today. who do we believe? with so many lies and half truths, where do we turn?

HERE IS MY BIGGEST FIX, WE SHOULD MAKE IT AGAINST THE LAW TO SPREAD LIES, A FELONY IF YOU ARE IN OFFICE, OR HOLD A PUBLIC POSTION OF TRUST, JUDGES COPS SCHOOL TEACHERS. now that they are not to busy filling up the jails with pot smokers, and they are selling precriptions that kill people, and we only hear about fentanyl.

OK this sheep is going to sledge hammer some walls and demo some more cabinets