The first friend that I can ever remember was Steve Benson, we lived in Hawthorne California, we lived in a small bungalow type house, they lived in the same homes, I think, not sure maybe ask me mom. He has passed a few years ago, heart attack, before I ever got to see him, he lived on the west side of phoenix, I went to his funeral, it was sad, his brother and parents were already dead. I could have reached out better, in the old days, I would reach out to people, happy go lucky I was, my trust of humans has been forever lost. I could have brought him to meet my dad again, his dad and mine were drinking buds, I think. Steve Benson, he remembered coming out to Castaic lake, he called it bee lake, there is and was lots of bees out there, yellow jackets, you can almost not go to a stream or lake in California, without them, as least in the SC area. The next friend that I remember was either Jack sorenson, or  Jeff Weeks, I do not remember which one was which, well I do Jack was a red headed kid, lived off of soledad more towards the Saugus area, I just remember going to visit him in his family trailer, the same with Weeks, he was dark haired, and I dont remember where he lived. these were my pals, I do remember when we moved to walnut springs, we lived in a new neighborhood, small cheap housing, I think 35k or less back then, we lived on the corner 27763 Walnut springs I think was the address, let me check. that is it below, it has had additions the whole backyard only had a patio. we all grew up in bunk beds, 3 bedrooms for Mom dad and 5 kids, not sure who slept where after the divorce at age 10, anyway, lte me continue below

well long term memory is working:

there were lots of kids on our streets, they were everywhere. I dont remember all of them, I do remember on time, i had ring worm, or something like that, and I had to have some ointment and was not allowed to play with the kid across the street,  I really like to look back and remember all these people and often wonder what happened to some of them, like Richard Burton berlin, not sure, he had big dogs marmadukes,  he was probably a bad kid, not sure the whole story, he ended up being a bank robber, last time I saw him, i he was on the run.  He had some sisters, then there was Jack blaylock, he had all the cool toys, the trucks, the GI joes. we would marvel at his toys.  there was the other kid, Tony across the street, his mom, or grandma would put tabasco on his butt if he was bad, he had an older brother too, he was big and tall, nicknamed lurch, probably by tollak. next door we had the Joneses, they were quinicential of the term, keeping up with the jones, they were a 3 child family, Kelly the oldest KIm, and then Mark, they had these honda mini bikes, the good one, I think we even got to try them, they seemed to have it all, Kim was the same age as me, her father les was a HOmicide investigator in Los Angeles.  it was a tragic tale, I remember they would go camping every summer, they had one of those campers you put on a truck, shell camper but the big one.  then Kelly got cancer, I remember when I saw him, he looked pasty white  from being in the hospital, I dont think they ever recovered after his death, sad tragic story. Kim went on to marry a policeman Chuck Hines a local hero, who was killed by a criminal in the line of duty, after they had divorced. They had a good childhood, up until the death of Kelly, something like that can be live altering, one  moment in time. I was friends with Kim, she unfriended me, probably because of my views on the sheep or Republican Democratic slurs, or perhaps something else.. I feel her pain, her younger brother, despite growing up with 2 loving parents, ended up in prison, and died in the time since the creation of facebook. he was always kinda snarky,  we all liked him, thought he was a great kid.  my main friends during these early times were my brothers Gilbert and Kelly and Tollak, or john as he is his real first name.  there was a church down at the end of our street, which we had to cross through to get to the main roadway to the 7-11 store, which we would walk to, about 1/2 mile away, long walk for a small kid, anyway I met my first best friend during this time, he lived across the street from the Soto family near the church, the first time we met, it wa almost fisticuff, We ended up being friends all the way into adulthood, we went streaking around the block, during the streaking era, on bikes, we zoomed at night, pretty sure nobody saw us or noticed. we pimped beer chased girls, we had fun childhoods, he drove an old yellow bomber, first car I ever drove, I did not know how to drive, he pretty much got me driving.  Rober Andrew Moody.  they had a pool in their backyard, I got to swim a few times, he had these dogs named boots and rags, his older brother was Steve Mushaney. we used to play sports with all the neighbor kids too, there was the Santos, castaneda’s, the Gomez, street football we even invented knee football in his front yard, to be continued