its nice to win a game, I love to win, but losing not bad either, at least I am getting out in the fresh air. good to see people I have not seen for awhile, both teams were evenly matched, they had a good pitcher, we had a pretty good one too, eye got a nice hit to left field with an rbi, then hit 2 dribblers in the infield, and for an encore got hit by a pitch.

played catcher for nine innings, feel pretty good, sometimes when you crouch that long, its hard to get up, I can hear my knees creaking, but not bad for almost 60, 50 was a nightmare, the year I got cancer, well soon after, must of had it then too, I have definitely changed my mindset as much as possible for me, life can be so good. Still on the research mode, all over the place, they make it so you have to keep a subscription to find stuff easy, kind of like, when I pay for google ad, the world is a fucking hustle, sad but true. I am not sure what I Like more, hiking with the dogs or playing baseball with the dogs :/  no it was ok, really nice team from North Dakota, these small tournaments are pretty easy, the long season, not so much fun, lots of unnecessary stress involved. the desire to win is too great in some, they can not have fun, unless they win. I want to win pretty bad, but as soon as its over, its over.  I have the same feeling when I pick a team for a game, I want them to win, I can feel it as much as this, even though I picked the team, right before the game.  blah blah


Personal validation, I like to be liked, I mentioned that before, but the buck stops at when I am expected to think just like you, them, or they.  This is a problem in our society.

I could care less what other peoples beliefs are, even my own children, well that is not true, I care, but hopefully they were not pounded into them as children.  I can think of nothing more evil, than a parent that brainwashes their own children, ok, molestations abuse aside, but mind fucking them for life, wow i got off track :/  anyway, I think religion is great, a great place to meet people and all that stuff, and a way to look at the  Universe and accept all  its nonsense good or bad, but these people that say your going to rot in hell if you think this or do that, well see the molestiona murder thing, I accept them being forgiven, they were damned from the get go.  I have a confession, I admit trying to brainwashing my kids to accepting a God, jesus, even went so far as to tell them that Santa was fake, so they would trust my word, when I said God was real.  Yes, that  a little convoluted, but you get the point. ALL RELIGIONS ARE FATIH BASED, that is all the proof we have, you have life right now today, we are here today, nonsense to put up walls because you want everyone to think like you do, that is preposterous, this is the Evil of the Churches.

That’s my rant.  o here is another one.

it was nice today, tommy dimura was there, he is rough around the edges, he makes me look like a polished corvette, yeah he rough, anyway Tommy loud and has no problem barking up a storm, but he will answer you, he will give you an answer or at the very least, say no fucking way. no how.  passive aggressive people, nightmare, nightmare nightmare.

I know as soon as I see it, well it takes a few times, that the game we play, if that is someone’s style, you have to accept it, and the fact, you will never grow past the starting point, you will always be at the same point, there will be no growth, zero, zilch, not an iota.  Now I know this, but I trudge on, like a walk through deep snow in the freezing cold, you must trudge ahead.

the key to good relationships, short and sweet.

maybe a War post next.  I have to get sweet mary dinner.