so they just had a vote for gay rights, I have some opinions, remember, opinions like assholes, everyone has them, well me too. I do believe all people should be protected, I think it more boils down to job performance, than what you do in your life. I mean really, why does anyone care, who sleeps with whom? I really, really do not want to know. nada zilch, nothing, O and you want to tell me what? really keep it to yourself, you dont see me running around, yelling, “I sleep with my wife” kind of creepy, at least in some places. I mean it is a good thing that i can say that, as probably some poor sap out there married to a nun, get nun wants nun, but you can have nun. hahah funny to self. if they have a life spouse, they should be able to give them benefits, but my mind draws the line at paying for special surgeries on the public dime, but in that subject, I have no Idea what other dumb shit they spend their money on. is this taxation without representation? I heard the military was paying for those surgeries, blasphemy stupid, I think. as stated before, my disillusionment from all the callous spending has my head spining. wtf, and you can not take care of your poorest citizens? what are we NAZIS? did you know that Hitler’s steel Train was called America? did you? do you know why? Because America had exterminated the American Indian, he thought that was ideal. Just think our government was idolized by Adolph, go figure.  Maybe it is worse than we have known. Eye have taken offense to some of the things being said on SM social Media, if you wondered, not S&M, which is something different. hey now that we are all free to be whom, we want gay straight, bird, dog, or clown, whatever. do I have to confess all my secret fantasies, like having a harem for a week, or the many other scenarios in me head. hope not, what happened to private, well all you haters, you ruined it. I’m not saying not to express yourself, but you are asking for trouble when you go against the grain, but it is your choice, it is one thing to be gay, its another to show up at work wearing a bozo the clown outfit or making others squirm with your fake voice, we all know that is is not real. I mean real love and a funny voice are 2 different things. Im no hater, I know that there is  enough h8ters our there for all of us, I hear it all the time, so and so is gay, I usally give them a look or have even said, who gives a fuck, yes I still cuss, among a few other bad habits. have I mentioned my anger problem, well not it seems to be an asset, really, when you can control an harness your emotions, Poker is one of the oldest games, yet, it is a lifesaver, to control emotions, or at least keep them in check. it is not easy, we are an emotional bunch of humans. I think that is it on the subject. be a kind human and respect that others do not have to think like you, or even look like you. maybe the big purpose is that we are overpopulated, we have no plan for the future of our species, and gay people don’t have kids, so they are not contributing to overpopulation. They are in fact helping in some cases to raise healthy adults, non-criminals, but perhaps slaves in our work Machine.