I grew up in Canyon Country California, such a fine site. Canyon Country is inside of Los Angeles County, the very end of the county and abuts Ventura County. it is a small town lots of small houses, tract homes, at least this was back in the 60’s and 70’s we were a rough and tumble community with a western theme, we had frontier days every year, with all the pig, corn on the cob, rides and the rodeo stuff, tollak entered a pie eating contest and got in the paper. I would have to say it was the best childhood you could imagine, we used to play neighborhood sports in the street, depending upon the seaon, we even did soccer, during the soccer season, but that was mostly kickball, lots of running. I do not remember the exact year or date, but I was at frontier days, drinking as much beer as I could get my hands on, it was getting late and the fair was winding down for the night, I had heard of a party across the wash. I think it is a feed off the Santa Clara, not sure, anyway, on the spur of the moment, I decided to steal a horse and go the the party, so I tipitoed p to a horse and just unwrapped his rein, no bit in his moth as he was tied up for the night. I quietly walked him out of that area and to the wash. As soon as I jumped on that horse, he Took off like a bolt of lightings, I mean full speed, this was a strong fast horse, not like the rentals that i Had previously rode at the horses near magic mountain, those ones, would only run, on the way back to base, and were pretty stubborn, up to that point, but I usally figured out how to head back and then get them more into it, I think they love to run, anyway, so this horse takes off in the wash, uneven ground rocks, boulders and lots bushes and sand, full speed, I was bouncing all over the place. I was hanging on the side of it, almost to the ground, my arms and legs wrapped on tight, anyway, I reached up and grabbed his Mane, the hair on his head and pulled it toward me, it worked, he stopped and let me walk him around, and when I rode him, he was responsive, I took him to the party and was showing him off, I even gave brian thorne, a ride, a short one, the horse took off full speed and he flew off, I rode him around awhile longer, and then took him back where I got him, he sidled right back up like he never left. I had to walk a few miles to get out of there. I was also thrown off a horse before, cant remember if it was Teri or Wendy, o Wendy what went wrong, she still pretty actually both of them, must be the spirit of the horses keeping them young.