I think it is good news, I wonder what he want to play?   snowboard? baseball? running? he has a heart condition, so it is great news. I hope he finds someone that makes it fun, I loved coaching baseball and football almost as fun as playing, well more fun than “Adult baseball”  I just wonder if Seamus can also play, I think both of them would be good at snowboarding or skiing, you dont have to deal with others, or bad coaching. I don’t know, but it is great that my daughter does a video, otherwise, I would have no clue as to what is going on in their lives. I think, that all my kids should do a video, at least once a month, wouldn’t it be great if everyone that we know did a video, shared some aspect of their lives?  I DO!! so fun to watch.

even a silent  one. I do this blog thingy, but its mostly me whining about the World, even though, I know I have it pretty damn good. Regardless of how I look, or seem to look, I am very happy, but go through ups and downs, I can not state enough, without bad times, good times would suck.

I really should put that in CAPS, but I just let it slide.

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, can only be appreciated if we have a counter balance.  I am sure some people have good lives, without much adversity, you think?  delusional?  I think so, but who am I to talk. Every aspect of our lives needs a counter  balance.  we need constant change, we dont like it, but we do need it. (ok, I need it, i have no idea what you need) my stinking thinking at it again. One thing that has to have strife, is relationships, this is a touchy subject, as I am all over the place, how can you be madly in love one moment, and crying grief the next. growing old together,growing old. nothing is more powerful than our close relationships, nothing can hurt us as much, or make us as content at the same time.  well that is about it, I need to change the battery terminals on my truck today, it is raining, so I could postpone that even longer…  i have been slipping lately on the old diet, gained a few pounds maybe 5, its a struggle, my biggest problem is guzzling milk at night, so soothing, makes for good sleep, I have been having some weird dreams lately, someone trying to kill me. it was just threats, then I  the next thing I new, a helicopter was above me and I dove into a corner and dodged the machinegun fire. hahahaha true, but so weird, most likely my gaming and all the guns. I can see the end of Covid, and getting tired of hearing about the Ukraine, Again the newspapers never get the full story, they just go blindly by, day by day. the history of the Ukraine, is it was a Nazi haven during World War II, yes it is true, look it up dummy, anyway, there are reports from Russia, of Genocide, witch could be true considering there past. This could be Russian Media manipulation, but truth be told, it was a Nazi haven, and Russia has a large slavic and jewish population.  why dont they say where the money is involved? the real story, because the press Sucks, it is a tool of the Rich, nothing else. we only see what they want us to see. ok out into the rain. if could be worse